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The autumn colors seem to be coming down almost as fast as the color is developing which makes it very tough to tell you where to go. I went out on Sunday the 21st and drove out I 90 to the Palmer exit and proceeded south into Connecticut.

fall foliage on a hillside creating a tapestry of past peak color

a tapestry of past peak color

The colors along I 90 were for the most part just beyond peak. Now many of you have different viewpoints on what peak is or isn’t so I’m including a picture of what I consider to be past peak color. Some people would probably enjoy the color that they were seeing on these hills but once you’ve seen peak fall color, you would realize that this is definitely past peak.

orange red and yellow fall foliage surrounds a small city Park

fall foliage in the city Park

I found other places in this trip where the color was quite spectacular in a few spots. Sometimes it was in someone’s yard and sometimes like in the second picture it was in a small towns city park. you just never knew where the fall colors were going to show up.

My best advice is to get out and explore the little towns of Connecticut and Rhode Island and see what you find.

I’ve been getting fall foliage reports on my Facebook page and I suggest that if you’re looking for current updates, that you stop in their and see if anything is in the area where you’re looking.

Fall foliage reports are still coming in

a Castle Like front gate to the hillside cemetery in Monson Massachusetts

a castle like front gate with a view of fall foliage beyond

Over on my New England fall foliage Facebook page, I’m still getting reports from a few photographers and a few more late travelers looking for New England’s fall colors.

This will probably be the last week that you’ll be able to find any meaningful color. I would think that visiting the coastlines such as the North Shore of Massachusetts from Cape Ann to South of Boston and along Rhode Island and Connecticut coastal areas will provide the best opportunity for fall colors.

 Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury, Ma

Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury, Ma By Susan Cole Kelly

I just got this report in from Susan Cole Kelly and she says the old maple-lined lanes near Newburyport and Ipswich, MA are pretty. This one is at the Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury, Ma…. But only for a few days more as the leaves are coming down fast…

This isn’t to say you won’t find any further North but they’re going to be very tough to find.

Fall foliage turns to a haunting good time

a home haunt done up real well

nobody will get candy at this house, they’ll never make it to the front door

I had to stop at a couple places during my trip Sunday. The first stop was in Palmer with this home haunt. They really filled up their yard with some gruesome characters and I just wished I could’ve seen it at night. The second location that we stopped at was in Monson Massachusetts.

an unhappy visitor to the haunted house in Monson

an unhappy visitor to the haunted house in Monson

I got out and explored Haunted Monsonand talked to Jim, the owner and his two sons Ryan and Dan. there are little gorefest was very creepy even though it was during the day. And I’m sure that visitors at night who take a walk through their patch of evil will probably be wetting their pants.

Since Halloween arrives on a Wednesday this coming weekend is the last weekend to really get out and enjoy pre-Halloween festivities.

In Vermont you have Nightmare Vermont, which is located in South Burlington. and for more family friendly scare-fun, check this link to the Vermont living website.

In New Hampshire you also have many events and scary things to go and explore. first you have spooky world in Litchfield New Hampshire, and you can find events over the next two weeks that will meet your families need. From corn mazes to scare-tackular haunted mazes.

In Massachusetts, you of course have the haunted happenings in Salem mass with several excellent haunted houses open between now and October 31. Places like the Nightmare Factory will have you gasping for breath as you exit the door in the East India mall (if it’s bad weather you can get the blank scared out of you and stay dry). Also you have the nightmare gallery down on Derby Street which if you like scary movies you will love the nightmare gallery.

if you’re looking in the Boston or outside of Boston area for good family fun or a good stiff scare then check out this haunted Boston listing to give you an idea of what’s available.

In Connecticut and Rhode Island I found a listing for haunted houses to keep you very busy between now and October 31. (although it seems to list places in MA, CT and RI) so keep an eye on what your clicking on as you may fall in love with the haunted house and find out it’s two states away. for family friendly in less scary events try the pumpkin patches and more website for everything farm related and Halloween.

Keene pumpkin Festival – final tally

The final tally on October 21, was 29,762 pumpkins in the town of Keene New Hampshire which is about 6000 more pumpkins then there are people in the town  (population 23,000).

They missed the record set in Boston by only around 1000 pumpkins. (Next year I think they can do it, look out Boston, Keene is coming out fighting)

A map of my Sunday trip through Massachusetts and Connecticut

This is a look at where I took many of my pictures on Sunday. Please enjoy!

Escape today MA to CT fall foliage search - Photography trip | EveryTrail (lien direct)

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