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Fall foliage update 1-7 October 2012

This week’s update includes:

Peak fall foliage arrives in northern New Hampshire

After hurricane Irene helped to ruin the 2011 fall foliage season, everybody was ready to see real peak fall foliage. So far Mother Nature has been out doing herself with an incredible display of fall colors across northern New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

If we can get a few more sunny days and cool nights like we’ve been getting the rest of October is bound to be outstanding. On Monday and Tuesday I was up as far North as Groveton New Hampshire crossing back and forth on routes 2, 110, 116, 115a and a bunch of smaller roads that I’m just not sure what their names were.

The problem is it just didn’t matter everywhere I turned I was seeing hillsides covered in peak fall foliage and I was as happy as a pig in slop (maybe a bit happier). Click on one of the images below and it should start up a slide show that you can enjoy.

 What to expect for Columbus Day weekend?

Vermont:  I would expect that much of the Northeast kingdom down to almost Woodstock Vermont will be either at high color or at full peak color. I think they’ll be good color in the northwest corner of Vermont down to Burlington and there will be pockets of peak on the Western side of Vermont.

New Hampshire:  as you can see in the pictures above Peak has arrived and I would say if you were to explore Franconia notch and up through the northern White Mountains on the routes that I mentioned up above, you should find good to peak color. If you’re wondering about missing peak color read about the hype of peak down below.

Maine:  I think Western Maine around Rangeley Lake Southwest to Sebago Lake and down towards the coastline and the Freiburg fair should all be at high color if not better. I had a report last week that Acadia national Park was at high color and peak can’t be far behind, which is very early.

Massachusetts:  I took a drive on Saturday over the Mohawk trail as you can read in a previous article the swamp Maples were at peak color along the road (route 2). So I was finding good color (30 to 50%) in Massachusetts already.

Upcoming fall foliage events

The above Fairs are in running through the weekend. So if you are in the area of them, you can enjoy rides, 4-H events and music to your heart’s desire. Also Apple picking at orchards and more!!!

 Try these events

This is just a sampling, and I’ll be posting more as I find them…

 Peak fall foliage, is it worth the hype?

If you’re a hard-core leaf peeper, then nothing will satisfy you short of 100% peak fall foliage. But for everybody else out there, is peak worth it?

Over the past week I was finding color in the 30 to 50% range and I counted this as being very satisfying. I do count myself as a hard-core leaf peeper but I also keep in mind when I’m reporting percentages to my readers that many people are happy seeing a single maple tree dressed in scarlet to the nines.

I’ve had several years where I didn’t catch it just right and maybe I was a little before or a little after peak fall foliage. (sometimes I wasn’t even close) 🙂

What I have to remind myself, is that this chase for peak fall foliage is a gift. If we found peak foliage every single time we went out the door then how special would it be?

I’ve been asked every year “what is it that drives this passion for peak fall foliage”, my best answer (besides the standard I don’t know) is that part of the passion comes from the chase. Going out each morning and not knowing what I’m going to find.

I think we all enjoy watching the first buds of green in the spring which develop into the leaves of summer. In the autumn we begin the transition to winter and just before that we have a short period of time where the leads put on a show. Some years this show is extraordinary and others not so, but every year is different so we never know what we’re going to see.

It’s up to you my dear reader to think about it and decide is the hype really worth it? I think getting out and exploring the countryside and trying new things under the excuse of leaf peeping is really what is worth it.

Your thoughts?

Jeff “Foliage” Folger
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Fall foliage update 1-7 October 2012 — 3 Comments

  1. Jeff,
    I have been following your site for some time. Thanks for your frequent timely updates. They are very enjoyable. I would be visiting Boston (Woburn) from October 11 to 16. What areas do you think would offer good color at that time? If possible, I prefer not to drive too far. But this will possibly be a once in a lifetime visit to New England in this season, so don’t want to miss out on the spectacle either!

    • I would plan on driving the Mohawk trail (Route 2) between Concord MA out to the Berkshires. This pretty now and should be even prettier (I hope) when you get here. It’s about a 2 hour trip each way and you could find a hotel in North Adams MA and then drive back the next day. A drive out to the Quabbin Reservoir would be good and I’ll have to think of some more… 🙂

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