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Howdy my leaf peeping friends! Judging by my numbers, most of you have finished your vacations and gone home. But for the rest of you who are still slugging it out in the low lands of Massachusetts Connecticut and Rhode Island, I bet you’re wondering what the rest of this fall foliage season holds?

(If you figure out where this season is going, let me know too) 🙂

Fall foliage color appearing slowly

yellow Maples with fall foliage on a sunny afternoon

sunny autumn afternoon fall foliage

I’m getting a fair number of reports on my fall foliage Facebook page which is a good tool for you to bookmark. Here you can see daily uploads from local photographers and those of you on the road.

This week’s weather shows mostly sunny to partly cloudy days through Friday so I suspect that by Wednesday or Thursday we should be seeing some nice colors spreading out from Massachusetts into Connecticut and Rhode Island.

remaining red fall color

remaining red fall color

the downside that I see from this week will be the temperatures are not as cold as I would like with evening temperatures in the 40s across much of southern New England.

This will work against us as far as getting the leaves to turn quickly. It does look like we are getting sunny days most of this week so we should see some color development.

afternoon sun lights up yellow and orange leaves only Maple tree above a old stone wall

Sun illuminates afternoon fall foliage

I’ll be trying to get out a few times this week to travel through Rhode Island and Connecticut and I will let you know what I find.

On Sunday I drove down a nearby scenic byway and while the color is not perfect, it is looking very nice on this short stretch of road.

This weeks suggested routes, I would be looking at Southern Massachusetts in the area of Carver and Norwell which both can be reached by traveling down route 3 out of Boston.

From there I would travel across route 44 to Middleboro and from there into Rhode Island and possibly north of Providence. I would also look to explore Eastern Connecticut as far as Putnam and Pomfret.

I hope to be exploring these areas on Wednesday and I’ll let you know what I find during the radio show… What radio show you ask, read on my faithful reader.

Radio interview this Thursday

The Ashuelot covered bridge is considered by local historians to be one of New Hampshire's most elaborate covered bridges

The Ashuelot covered bridge

If you’d like to get a foliage update on the radio, be sure to listen to 89.7 WGBH radio on Thursday 18, October (this week) at approximately 1:20 PM for 20 min. I’m not sure what we will talk about, given, that much of the fall foliage season is behind us but I’m sure I’ll be able to find a few things to point out to the viewers. We have two weeks until Halloween and many farms and pumpkins to look at between now and then.

Remember autumn is not only fall colors it’s the sensuous tastes of apple cider and harvest products that make this season truly a glorious time of year.

So if you have any suggestions on things that can be done in the next few weeks that would be of interest to the listening public, then leave a comment and if you can a link to their webpage. I won’t guarantee I can fit them all in but I will try to mention a few if the format is appropriate.

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Fall foliage-Where to look this coming week — 8 Comments

  1. 10/16/12 …. I finally got to view beautiful foliage today ,driving from NY to Waterbury Ct.,once I hit route 8 driving through Beacon falls I was blown away ,the colors were bright lots of orange and yellow,and slpashes of red here and there.Finally after arriving to Waterbury I was pleasently surprised as Drove past Fulton Park on Cook Street wow bursting with colors of red ,orange,yellow and rust !!!

    • Well thank you for the report Sandy! So Route 8 in CT along with Waterbury is the place to be in CT. Did you get over into Litchfield yet? I can’t wait to hear what else you found!

        • It depends… it’s going to be raining tonight through??? Sat? so this will really come at a bad time with so much color getting ready to turn or turning…

  2. Here on the south Shore and Cape things are not perfect, some trees are peak, some are bare, some are past and a lot are still green. Things definitely aren’t coming along evenly.

    • Well Ben, things are never perfect 🙂 such as me… I drove through south eastern MA into Warren RI and while consistant was NOT the word of the day. I found quite a bit of wonderful color to keep me happy.

  3. Boston got lucky. A frost had predicted on Friday night but temperatures only fell to 33 degrees. This is what I was told at the Arnold Arboretum today. I am noticing that some of the maple trees in my neighborhood are slowly turning, giving very nice colors. This is in stark contrast to what I saw at Hartwell Tavern in Lincoln, where most of the leaves had fallen.

    • Thanks Josh… it’s going to be hit or miss on finding fall color the rest of this season. I’m sad to think that Bedford where the Hartwell Tavern sits is in stick season already… I’m heading for a coastal loop tomorrow through southern MA and RI.

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