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The foliage review starts

Jeff Foliage standing at the edge of the beaver pond in north Woodstock NH

Jeff Foliage observing the peak foliage at the beaver pond

Greetings my foliage fans! Well we’ve come down too that time of the foliage season where we take stock of our foliage trips, look over our photos and ponder what we could have done to find better fall colors?

I have to ask, did you find enough color to make your trip worthwhile?  I’ve heard from several foliage fans who said “my guidance helped them have great vacations”. This sort of feedback is both pleasing and informative for me.

I hope that the ideas that I shout from my soap box are of value for you and if not, that you would let me know what kinds of info would make your time better spent.

November foliage finds

Stick season arrives after the fall foliage season

Stick season arrives

I drove up to Highgate Vermont this past weekend and we saw oaks dressed in rusty gold, reds and browns through southern NH. But by Manchester, we were completely in Stick season. I did see one or two maples dressed in yellow and a special treat are the Tamarack’s brightly colored in gold. Tamarack (or larch) are deciduous trees in the evergreen family that turn yellow and lose their needles late in the season.

The hills along I-89 are very soft looking in their coloring from all the bare trees. At a distance the bare branches blend together in a soft mist, broken only by an evergreen in sharp contrast to the surroundings.

Fall foliage isn’t gone yet!

A smoke tree shows colors of red and orange

A smoke tree shows colors of red and orange

This is a bit deceiving but on Sunday morning I went out into a softly falling snow and I shot a few frames of my Father in law’s smoke trees which were dressed in  bright reds and orange while one was just a yellowish orange.

What went right this season

Well my prediction was pretty good if I say so myself. Up till the rains came to visit on 3 Oct we were having a spectacular show of color in Northern NH, the Northeast kingdom and from what I heard from contacts visiting in Maine it was outstanding and the best seen in years.

Peak fall foliage color on the Kancamagus highway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Peak fall foliage color on the Kancamagus highway

What went wrong

First I had no way of knowing when or if rain would come our way. The NOAA climate folks only said that we would be receiving less rain than normal…  And we were behind on rainfall going into October. But the rain did come and we had on and off again rains from the 4th to the 12th. This (as I always said) will slow or stop the progression of color.

So getting the white mountains to turn happened but it wasn’t on a normal timetable. The Kanc around the 12th-14th was in glorious color and turned into a treat for anyone traveling this road. Usually it would have been past peak by the 14th and peak color would be found down in the lakes region.

So we all started to find color about this time stretching from the lakes region to Massachusetts. Color in the Berkshires came on fast and due to the dry conditions early in the year the leaves fell fast to cover the ground in red and yellows.

I drove a little under 2,000 miles this fall mostly due to family issues. Next year I hope to be on the road a lot more and get back up to my usual 4-5,000 miles.

Facebook fall foliage page

Many of you helped out by posting your images and where you were finding fall color onto my Facebook fall foliage page. I’m up to over 700 fans on that page so I hope you found this to be a valuable tool.

Print winner for Oct!

Well I sent out the email notifying the winner but no response yet, so check your spam folders and make sure if you find the emails in there you add me to your safe sender’s list. I have well over the 100 subscribers to my blog so I will continue the print give away, BUT! please check those email addresses often to see if you are getting the articles and monthly print winner notifications.

Where we go from here?

Waves break over fort pickering lighthouse

Waves break over fort pickering lighthouse

I will be traveling around New England as my mood takes me and posting occasional articles in this blog and more in my scenic New England blog.

Also I’m planning on adding e-books with locations that you can download to your ipad’s or phones and have step by step guides to find scenic fall foliage locations. If you think this would be something you’d be interested in  then contact me through the website and for the first 20 people to contact me, I will send you a free copy of a location for you to sample (I would love feedback!!!) I hope to have these ready in early January.

So I will still be here and if you have questions about your 2013 fall foliage trip, I’ll be here…

My 2013 fall foliage prediction

You want to know about next year already??? Well I’ll be posting it soon, so make sure you come back often to see what this Arboreal Oracle thinks the 2013 season will look like!!!!!  🙂


Escape today

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