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Rock wall under red fall foliage!

My October print winner, Brenda Andrews from California picked, as their selection from my website, this image of a Maine rock wall under a row of maples with red and orange fall foliage.

I’ve taken so few fall trips to Maine and it really deserves better from me. My friend and fellow New England Photographers Guild member Butch Lombardi said of his trip this past October, that “the area north of Rangeley Lake is every bit as spectacular but with none of the traffic”.

A stone wall in Maine stands the test of time with a row of red and orange maples standing in a row

Red and orange leaves above a rock wall Visit image here

This particular shot was shot on an overcast afternoon when the light was a bit flat so I pushed up the contrast to give the image a little more pop… You will notice I did not say anything about the saturation slider! This is because most people (myself included) don’t know when to stop.

Too often I will see purple and pink maple leaves and as far as I know these are not common colors in nature… (OK a certain variety of Norway maple and the lindens have purple but not sugar maples!)

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I will be continuing my Print giveaways through the off season so please stop in each month to see what they pick. Also!!! please make sure that if you decide to join in, that you use a real email that you check weekly or more often.

I only give you 5 days to respond to my email notification and if you have a really effective spam blocker then I suggest that you put my domain ( in your safe domain for emails. That way you won’t miss out on a chance to take home a print.

How to enter the contest?

It’s very easy! Really! Just look at my page and on the left hand sidebar near the top you will see subscribe to my blog.. Fill out the info (to include a “real” email address) and the reason I stress this is, that is how I notify you! I don’t contact you with sales or special deals or other spam. I will send the winner 1-2 emails that they have won. Then if after 7 days if I haven’t heard a reply I pick another at email subscriber at random.

It’s that simple. If perchance you miss the email, don’t worry, I don’t eliminate any email addresses unless you win… UNLESS!!! If you want to be considered after winning once, then post links on Facebook or Twitter and send me the links (put a @foliage_reports in a twitter post or.and a Jeff Folger in your Facebook post and it should notify me.) This way I know that you are spreading the word.

Thats it… pretty simple

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Actually I’m between denial and acceptance but that’s the last article… 🙂

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