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A stripped maple leaf rimmed in frost on an early morning walk.

A stripped maple leaf coated with morning frost

Every day in September, leads you to anticipate the taste of the fall colors. All of our senses are overwhelmed in autumn and the days take on a palatable feel.

A day in which each sight, sound and and smell can be savored and enjoyed. 

In the morning, you step out the door and steam rises off your coffee. At your feet are a few leaves of scarlet with a thin layer of frost turning the edges white.

sweet corn at farmers market sit in bushel baskets for an autumn harvest feast.

Bushel of sweet corn at farmers market

a cloudless blue autumn sky frames an orange colored maple stands over a rock wall

An orange colored maple stands over a rock wall

It’s cold now but later the temps will be warming up and the tree in the yard is mostly green but it has tinges of color at the crown.

You stop at a farmers market and grab a few ears of yellow and white corn pulling back the raspy husk to check the quality of the kernels. The silk sticks to your fingers and the fresh smell of the husk makes you think how good it will taste all buttered at dinner.

bushel baskets at farmers market during the autumn harvest time

fresh harvest of tomatoes in bushel baskets at farmers market

You pick some large vine ripened tomatoes and as you hold them to your nose.

You can smell the scent of the vine and your mouth waters with anticipation.

Maybe a grilled tomato and cheese sandwich or a basil infused pesto over this freshly picked tomato…

Sights, sounds and smells all play a role in how we taste the fall.

Fall Color Memories…

A rock wall runs along the feet of several maples

A patch of bright red highlighted by morning sunshine

Soon the fall colors will arrive, bringing with it, the red and orange/golds of autumn. We anticipate the arrival of the fall foliage and even the colors have a taste to them.

Each colorful leaf, reminds us of an autumn memory which we associate with the taste of fall.


Jeff “Foliage” Folger
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