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“The road not taken” as it relates to exploring for fall foliage

My basic premise in life, is to take the road less traveled. It was Robert Frost’s birthday this week and even though his poem, “The road not taken”  is almost 100 years old, it still resonates with me today. It’s not so much if one path is better than another, to me, I just prefer to take the one that is less “popular”. You are on the right path, as long as you get out and explore.

Vermont's fall foliage on the Jenne farm near Woodstock Vermont

a classic view of the Jenne farm near Woodstock Vermont

The wonderful, hidden fall foliage gems of New England

First, I would have to say there’s no real secret to exploring and finding fall foliage in New England. To find hidden gems to photograph, I’ve done just what you’re doing now, research. The places that I do my research are:

Sometimes a mistake can turn into a real hidden gem

Route 7 is the backbone of the Green Mountains and runs the length of the state. From here, you can branch off to visit most of the Green Mountain's ski areas.

Two white horses grazing in a field oblivious to the fall foliage around them, A nice hidden gem.

Some 10 years back, I was looking for the Jenne farm (I didn’t know the “real” name of the Jenne farm only what I saw in pictures and in Yankee magazine). I wasn’t having much luck finding this hidden gem, as I started to search on the Internet. After a while I found what I believed was an entry for the owner of the Jenne farm. So I made a phone call and talked to the owner of the “Jenny” farm and arranged a visit where I could come up and photograph the farm.

A hidden gem on the opposite hill of the Green Mountain National Forest. You can sit on this hill on one side of Route 7 and peek at the farms on the other side.

A hidden gem on the opposite hill of the Green Mountain National Forest.

The only resemblance this “Jenny farm”, has to the very photogenic “Jenne farm” is that they’re both in Vermont and they are farms.

Lisa and I drove down Route 7 near Danby Vermont and then we drove up some dirt roads which provided views across route 7 to the nearby Green mountains.

On our way to this other “Jenne” farm, we found a couple of white horses surrounded by the fall colors against a backdrop of the Green mountains in the distance.

This hidden gem of a weathered Vermont barn has been standing for hundreds of years.

This hidden gem of a weathered Vermont barn has been standing for hundreds of years.

Then as we drove a little further and opening in the trees provided a view of a farm on the side of the Green mountains. All of this was before we even got to the farm.

We arrived at the farm and as you may have surmised this trip is what I would call a hidden gem. The owner didn’t have an old farmhouse but he did have a huge old barn that was very photogenic. I got pictures from different angles and soon Lisa and I said our goodbyes.

I wouldn't mind a stoll along this lane and see what I find on "this road less traveled".

I wouldn’t mind a stoll along this lane and see what I find on “this road less traveled”.

Even as we were leaving the hills above route 7, I came upon another farm with a backdrop of a high hill covered in the Reds and oranges of New England’s fall foliage.

I had found another hidden gem as we continued on our trip. Some days, all it requires is that you take the road less traveled, or at least, less popular than where all the travel books tell you to go.

If you’ve never been to this area before, then follow the travel books and explore the popular areas, because they’re popular for a reason.

Once you fall in love with New England you’re probably going to come back again. So it’s during those times that I suggest you explore the roads less traveled and discover the wonderful hidden gems of New England.

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