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The mournful call of the loon

There is something almost mystical about being on or near a lake where New England’s autumn colors reflect on the surface only to be gently broken by the haunting call of a loon echoing back to you. As of today there are 164 days until the first day of autumn and I know you are horrified by this thought but it also brings a certain warmth. (you know it does).

a loon in the water looks on churches landing in Meredith New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee amid all the beautiful fall colors of a New England's autumn

my only image with a loon in it. In the lower right corner in the water.

If you would like to both listen and view loons then please visit the loon gallery on the New England Photography Guild website where I mixed a couple of loon songs and some tree peepers and set it to a slide show of the loons. (All the images are from members of the NEPGuild)

Planning for New England’s autumn

I had a request from the Thrifty New England Traveler blog to write a piece on planning for the fall foliage season. In the article, I talked about common sense things, like, picking your location and how this will dictate your dates (for the most part). I also mentioned the Emergo Farm B&B up in Danville Vermont, in the article, as one of many places to stay.

Reservations for the fall colors

For the heck of it, I decided to check reservation status at Emergo. I talked to Lori and she said that for their busy time (last week in Sept to the first week in Oct), they are already 25% filled up.

What does this mean for you? Take it as a reminder that if you want a nicer place and not just a motel room, then you need to be thinking about reservations…

I don’t mean to worry you but if, where you sleep at night is as important as finding the fall colors, then you need to tackle this sooner, rather than later.

New England’s autumn, print winner

This months print winner is Jan from Plymouth, MA. Jan chose a wintry image for her free print.

Photography Prints

As I tell all my winners, they can choose any of my pictures on my website. so I guess Jan just likes winter in Massachusetts.

Searching for fall foliage – a great adventure

Sugar maple flowers in spring herald the coming of summer leaves and fall foliage

Sugar maple flowers budding out

The north eastern US is for the most part a four season environment, more if you count the “unofficial” seasons like  “Stick season” and “Mud Season”. Spring is arriving here in Massachusetts and the maples across from where I’m writing are budding out with their red flowers to let us know that the leaves will soon follow. I’m sitting here listening to the various bird calls and thinking about the adventures I’ll have this year.

Next week I’ll post my article on a wonderful little country store that I found for the first time a few weeks ago.

Make sure you check back on next week’s exploration of  the Newfane Country store.

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