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currently it's winter with snow on the ground but in the autumn the hill behind the meeting house is a tapestry of fall color

Newfane meeting house and church with Hill behind him

With only around 30 days to do my foliage peeping, I end up doing my research during the rest of the year. I had just found the Dummerston covered bridge (read about it on my New England travel blog) and after we left there, we headed north, up Route 30 and found ourselves arriving in Newfane Vermont.

The town was very pretty all dressed in white and I’m sure in a few more weeks from now, when the grass greens up and the trees leaf out, it will be even more inviting. As you can see from the images in this article, snow is still on the ground and sap buckets are on trees along the street.

A classic meeting house in Newfane Vermont

the Maple sap is collected in these metal buckets with the lids to keep out debris and then it's boiled down to create Maple syrup for breakfast

the Maple sap is running and when the tree is big enough like this old Maple tree it’s tapped to collect the sap to turn it into Maple syrup

I found myself looking at the Newfane Vermont church and meeting house and wondered how it would look in the fall with the hill behind it in color and the courthouse yard full of Maples in front of it. Something tells me I’m going to come back here and make some really nice pictures, how about you?

I’d love to hear if you’ve been in Newfane and what you thought? If you have been here in the autumn and have taken some pictures, please go over to my New England fall foliage Facebook page and post one or two pictures. I like to go through the images that people post and I share them to the front page so everybody sees them right off the bat. You don’t have to be a professional, you just have to share them.

it was about lunch time so Lisa and I drove across the street from the courthouse to the Newfane country store where Bob and Marilyn Distleberg run the store that gives you a unique Vermont experience.

Contest alert!

each room of the country store in Newfane has gifts and sweets to fill up on it say multiroom house that has been converted into a store

Newfane country store with hundreds of possibilities for gifts and snacksis is

Bob donated a very nice gift and I’m going to give it away. What you have to do is click the link to the Newfane country store on Facebook and like their page. This is fairly simple (if you have a Facebook account, if not you have to create one, sorry).

Once you go in and like their page you come back here and leave a comment saying you have liked their page. I will pick from among the folks who come back and leave comments. Right now their page is at 333 and I would like to see that number climb by 25 and really I’d like to see 50 new likes. I would also like to see a similar number of comments on this article. If only one or two of you go out and like the page, it’s not enough. so let’s see how high it goes.

When to arrive in Newfane for fall color

I just read a short article about Newfane and the country store and it has a decent fall foliage image on their page. I’ll be looking to be in Newfane around 15 October this fall and if you’re so minded we can all try and meet at the Newfane country store. I’ll be watching Bob and Marilyn’s Facebook page to see when they say the fall colors are arriving in their area. I hope to see some of you there and maybe we can walk around the common and see what kind of photos we can make. (This date is fluid and will probably change as we get closer, so visit my fall foliage Facebook page also!)

Fall foliage forum

Remember, that there is no forum attached to this site and now you have to go to my Facebook page that I created for New England fall foliage and there I hope you can get questions answered and pictures posted in a timely manner. if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment here (especially if you’ve gone and left a “like” on the Newfane country store Facebook page) or you can just go to the New England fall foliage Facebook page and ask a question there.

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  1. liked the Newfane country store page- always wanted a big quilt- Donna Thompson

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