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“Old Home Crawford” Farm

Fall foliage around the grist mill in Vermont

Gristmill in Guildhall Vermont.

The Old Home Crawford Farm is known by photographers as the Guildhall grist mill.

*Note* This is a trip for the last week in Sept to the first day or two of Oct. Stay up with my fall foliage reports to see what the fall foliage is doing to know the better days.

On the Vermont, New Hampshire border is a beautiful little grist mill. It’s well up into the northern edge of the White Mountains so plan for a long day of travel if you are driving from Massachusetts or points further away.

Getting there, Guildhall VT.

Old Crawford farm grist mill marker

Old Crawford farm grist mill marker

I travelled up into the White Mountains on Route 93 and then I got off 93 in Littleton and travelled on 116 to Lancaster and then up 3 or you could go up 102 which parallels 3 for a short distance.

The Guildhall grist mill is just off Route 102 on Granby road. Now Granby rd is between Lancaster in the south and Northumberland to the north.

You turn west onto Granby road. At the corner there is a small plaque buried in the weeds that talks about the family farm where it’s located. A little way past the corner you will see a small pond on your right.

The Grist mill is on private property but there is enough room by the road to pull over and be out of the way. I hope you will enjoy the view from the split rail fence and I would suggest backing up enough to include the old wooden fence in your shot as a compositional part of the shot.

A chance to give back

Curious eyes looking at me through the fence and under an orange maple tree

Curious eyes looking at me through the fence

Depending on when you visit you may have an opportunity to give back to a local farmer. Once you are leaving you will travel up the road and to turn around you will have to turn into a driveway a short way up the road. If you are lucky they will have their farm stand up and running. When I went by there was a cash box out and honesty was the hope for the day.

Not done yet?

backroads hold many small streams to explore

backroads hold many small streams to explore

You could continue up the road and through the hills. I found several streams with small rapids So if you brought your knee-high boots you can wander out into the stream and set your tripod up for some slow exposures.


This road will eventually come back around to 102 and you can set your sights on the next location. I would suggest running up 102 as I found several nice barns and farm scenes.

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    • This was one of my favs and finding it was such a project that I wanted to share it with others. There is so much to explore in this area and if you stay on the road of the grist mill, you will travel up over this dirt road that goes through Granby and comes out in East Burke… I Guess I need to put that one on my to do list… 🙂

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