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Peak fall colors on the beaver pond on lost river road. This is on the western edge of New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Fall foliage print winner for June!

Well the record high temperatures that had most New Englanders begging for snow has broken and now we are enjoying a more normal weather pattern. Rain and fog with periods of sun followed by more rain and fog…

Yup back to normal!

Peak fall colors on the beaver pond on lost river road. This is on the western edge of New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Peak fall colors at dawn on NH beaver pond

My fall foliage print winner is Gary Warren from Odessa, TX. He choose as his pick from my website, this shot from Beaver Pond (one of my all time favorites).

This is a good example of the stars aligning. I staying at a little motel a few miles away in Littleton (I found the place using my thrifty lodging app on this page, the afternoon before).

I got up early not waiting for the free fruit breakfast and I think I made a good choice on that. 🙂

I then filled up my tank and my tummy at a small gas station that was making breakfast sandwiches. I then drove up lost river road to the beaver pond finding the sun almost up. Can you imagine? I almost had the whole pond to myself. There was one more photographer there but he wasn’t interested in chatting.

This was such an awesome day that it really defies describing it with words. I’m just happy I can share it in pictures with all of you!


The signs of fall foliage

Candy corn is my first sign of fall

Candy corn is my first sign of fall

For me the signs of fall range from watching the calendar (59 days from today till the first day of fall) down to something as simple as the call of the cicada on a summer afternoon. What is it that starts you thinking about fall? When you leave the windows open on an 80 degree day and by midnight you are thinking you need another blanket on the bed!

One of the signs I haven’t seen yet is… Candy corn! yup, that is the start of my fall sweet tooth and I will have around 2 bags of Brachs candy corn before the middle of October.

Are you a leaf peeper?

Two years ago I wrote “my list of signs to tell if you are a leaf peeper“. I got to thinking that there are more than 14 signs so I thought I’d add a couple more and if you have some I missed then please put them in the comments.

1-14 signs you might be a leaf peeper… see link above.

  • 15-You might be a leaf peeper if it’s 95 degrees outside and you look in the closet and see your favorite fleece pull-over and get shivers of anticipation of the coming autumn (if you turn the thermostat down in order to put on your fleece? the you get extra points!)
  • 16-You might be a leaf peeper if… It’s almost August and you are looking to by tickets to a fall festival or fair and someone asks if you are going to the Big E, you both are AND you know what the Big E is!
  • 17-You might be a leaf peeper if… You break the autumn season up into three seasons. Early fall color, peak fall color and leaf coming down season.
  • 18- You might be a leaf peeper if… Every time you see a pile of raked leaves or a thick carpet of leaves on the sidewalk, You can’t help yourself! You are driven to kick your feet through the leaves sending them flying into the air! (Of course running away when the guy comes back and see that you’ve scattered all his raked leaves is a good thing) 🙂
  • 19-You might be a leaf peeper if… You can remember back to childhood when we used to burn the leaves and the smell of leaf smoke would fill the neighborhood. Not too good for the air quality but on a Sunday afternoon it was nice.
  • 20-You might be a leaf peeper if… It’s your turn… any ideas?


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Fall foliage print winner for June! — 4 Comments

  1. You might be a leaf peeper if you start planning your fall foliage photography routes and new places to check out.

  2. 20. You might be a leaf peeper if……………you think of September 1st, the beginning of meteorological fall, as the true beginning instead of waiting until the autumnal equinox three weeks later.


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