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Henniker covered bridge in Henniker NH

This is your First fall foliage report for August 2013

First fall foliage report-August 2013. Wicked early color in July by Susan Cole Kelly

Wicked early color in July by Susan Cole Kelly

Hello fall foliage lovers! This is your first fall foliage report for the 2013 season. You may be thinking that this is awfully early and that these wouldn’t start until late August or Sept… But,  It’s only 54 days until The first day of fall (Sept 23rd) and it’s getting closer.

Well on most sites you will find that to be true but here at “foliage central” I’m always thinking about the fall colors to come and the past fall colors. The best part of being a photographer are the thousands of fall colors I’ve photographed and I get to constantly relive all the year long.

I’ve been talking to the forestry folks and they all say that the forests in Maine all the way over to Vermont are in very good shape with lots of rain (boy did we have rain this year!!) There are many questions out there as far as, how much this amount of rain may hurt or help.

What it will take for great fall colors

My gut is telling me that it really depends on the rest of the summer into Sept/Oct. If we average or less rainfall then we should have an outstanding Oct peak fall foliage season. If we get above average rainfall it will slow down the start of the fall colors. So if you see a neighbor doing a rain dance for his garden… trip him so he can’t do another until November. 🙂

Have you made your reservations yet?

looking through the walkway of the Stark covered bridge, looking back across the river at the Stark church framed by a hillside of fall colors in Stark NH.

Stark covered bridge NH

Do you stress over your arrangements? Do you worry about your pillows? Do you worry about where you will get breakfast at? Then I would make reservations.

Are you able to sleep in your car? If you don’t have a spotless room, can you sleep there anyways? If you know you’ll find a place to grab a cup of coffee (Not necessarily StarBucks) Then you probably do need to make reservations all the way through your trip.

I have several blogs and this article on is over on my New England Travel blog which covers “having a stress-free fall foliage vacation” and is something you should look over.

The final word for now

I think we’re looking at a really good fall foliage season barring any tantrums by Mother Nature.. Remember think cooling temperatures and dry weather with little rain… AND NO RAIN DANCES!

Please enjoy the rest of the summer and soon enough the fall foliage season will be here!

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