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Coos Canyon, Maine

Coos Canyon off Route 17 Oct 9th 2010

Coos Canyon off Route 17 Oct 9th 2010

Rushing water, stone outcroppings, fall foliage colors lining the river and nearby camping availableCoos Canyon has it all.

Finding Coos Canyon

Coos Canyon was something I found on my way (to or from) Rangeley lake in Maine. Coos Canyon is about halfway between Rumford and Rangeley on Route 17.

Maine's Coos Canyon lies halfway between Rangeley lake and Rumford Maine

Maine’s Coos Canyon

If you’ve been on the road for a while Coos Canyon is a nice place to stop and stretch your legs. You should find good color on the river banks around the 7th of October and it may extend as late as the 14th. I would bet earlier though.

Things to do

In looking at nearby attractions you have the Coos Canyon campgrounds just a little ways off the road which advertise cabins that sleep 6-7 people but their rates are based on a family of four $120/night.

Their website lists different recreational activities in the area. And the one that catches my attention in the Height of land which is on Route 17. Before you get to Rangeley lake you will come out above the lakes with a view that extends into New Hampshire on a clear day.

If the colors are near peak you will get a glorious view of the tapestry of colors that surround the lakes below your vantage point. There are several pullouts on the side of 17, so you should be able to get out and take a few nice pictures.

 Back to the Canyon

The “canyon”, It’s not “Grand” but it is nice and you will be able to frame the water with fall colors or shot on a tripod and try to get a slow shutter speed and blur the water to a nice satiny smoothness.
Vistaphotography: Maine &emdash; Folger-Coos-Canyon-Maine-fall-foliage
Maybe the rocks in the river will have colorful leaves stuck to them and the force of the water keeps them on the rocks… I can usually spend an hour or so there just relaxing and exploring.

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