July 18, 2013

The big question is “Will the record breaking rain in Vermont cause us to lose the fall colors?” I figure I’d ask this question, before all of you start hitting me with it

Unprecedented rain in Vermont to affect fall colors, image of a Vermont washed out road from the Burlington free press

image of a Vermont washed out road from the Burlington free press

I’ll go out on a limb and give a qualified maybe! 🙂 In other words, I don’t think I’d start worrying, unless we get steady rains over the next month or two. One thing I want you to do is this.

When it’s about time for your fall foliage trip then make sure you stop back here and check the road alerts for the states you’re heading to. (you can find the state road reports on my sidebars) and see if you have any issues to worry about. Then work on alternate routes.

For instance, Vermont had several washed out roads by the end of this past June’s monsoon season (rainiest on record!), but they will be fixed within a week or two.

But if we get too much more rain, we could get more back roads washed out. So proper preparation is the key to having a great foliage trip.

Reports of early color!

stressed maple leaf makes an appearance as an early arrival to the summer

an early arrival to the summer

I’ve started hearing talk of early color and even I have seen a leaf here and there in full color. Any reports of “early color” are just stressed trees. Examples of stress on trees:

  • They are near a pond with high water levels (likely this year) and their roots are under water.
  • They are young and don’t have deep enough roots to have a continuous source of water during dry times
  • The have sustained an injury and the part of the tree is shutting down prematurely (simulates autumn)
  • There may be other reasons…


one of the Northfield Vermont's cox river covered bridges. This one is the upper river bridge. Just down the street from Norwich university
This artistic image is from later October in Vermont’s Northfield area. Four covered bridges within a few miles of each other and two of them are just a few hundred feet of each other and you can look through one while photographing the other. (lower and middle Cox river bridges). This one is the upper cox river bridge.

So even if you are driving on a cloudy day and it’s been raining and the colors aren’t what you’d like… Then do what I do and make a good picture even if you don’t think one is there… 🙂

We’re starting to get close to real fall foliage reports time so make sure you sign up for email subscription so you don’t miss a single foliage report or anything else I find during this foliage season in New England.

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Unprecedented rain in Vermont to affect fall colors? — 6 Comments

  1. Hi, I would really like to register to your foliage mailing list. We’re coming to New England in mid-September and are anxious to find out if we’re gonna witness some foliage colors… Thank you!

    michal509 [AT] gmail.com

    • Hi MIC, getting here in mid Sept? That could be a bit early for real strong color. Are you planning on staying a little over 2 weeks? if so you should see the show develop into the first days of real color..

  2. May i get on your fall foliage email? We will be in New England all of October…..beginning at Niagara and ending at Stowe, VT. Thanks, Sue

    • Well Sue, to get on my email list and get notifications of every article (it also enters you into my monthly print give away) just look on the right hand sidebar and fill in your email address where you want to receive the article notices. If you have any troubles let me know..

  3. Hoping the crazy rain season is done with us now. I am getting married September 7th in Cape Cod and then of course hoping for a nice foliage season. But I have wondered what all this rain would mean for it. I am considering a trip home to Michigan to explore the U.P. there in October but I will catch color here around that hopefully. 🙂

    • Well Michelle B, I hope it is as perfect as the weather can be for the wedding… and the same goes for the October time period also!

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