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Beaver Pond at Kinsman Notch, NH

The beaver pond at Kinsman Notch is left over from the last ice age. As the ice receded, it left depressions in the landscape and this “bowl has hills rising on two sides the 3rd side is on the other side of the road (nice of Mother Nature to leave a road for us…) 🙂

Best time to photograph

beaver pond on Lost River Rd., New Hampshire on 30 September 2008

beaver pond on Lost River Rd., New Hampshire on 30 September 2008

The best time to photograph this spot is in the early morning. Any time before 9AM is usually good and the earlier the better. My best shots were early on either cloudy, foggy mornings or bright sunny ones. As you can see from the images they all look good and you will probably just have to keep coming back to see what the weather gives you.

The normal dates for this area can range from 27 Sept on an early year to 5 Oct on a late year. But on most years if you show up on the 1st of Oct you should have a good showing of color.

Locating the Beaver Pond

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looking out on all the incredible fall color at the beaver pond.

This is one of those spots for beginners and pro’s alike. The beginner will appreciate the ease of getting to it and it even has a small parking lot! Pro’s will enjoy working the scene. There are many aspects to this small pond that can be explored and found by walking around it.

Arriving from Route 93 in the east you will get off at the exit that would take you to the Kancamagus highway. BUT! I want you to turn away from the “Kanc” and head west to Woodstock. Remember when checking your GPS… This is NOT Vermont! So make sure which Woodstock you get directions for.

The GPS coordinates are 44.04439, -71.79251. You will be on Route 112 (west) and you will travel through the town of Woodstock but for now you will pass through and continue on LRR (Lost River road) towards Kinsman Notch. Don’t worry, you are still on Route 112 but if you made a right by accident enjoy the town, turn around and go back and get on LRR. From Woodstock you will travel 3.9 miles so enjoy the views.
If you get to 5.0 miles then you may have enjoyed the views too much and need to turn around.

Arriving at the Beaver Pond

beaver pond at full peak New England fall foliage

sunrise at beaver pond

You will see several tantalizing spots on the right. There is even a Lost River camp ground. Further along you will see the Lost River gorge and that should signal that you are getting close. You may also see on your maps that this is below Kinsman Notch and one of the western most of White Mountain major Notches. (Franconia Notch, Crawford Notch and Pinkham Notch are some of the Eastern, White Mountain Notches. The Appalachian trail passes down the west side of the pond and continues its way to the peak of Kinsman Mountain south peak. (4000’+)

 Vantage points

View of Sugar Hill covered in blazing sugar maples all in red as seen from Kinsman Notch

View of Sugar Hill from Kinsman Notch

If you can, walk around the different sides of the pond. Each has a different feel to it. Also they aren’t to difficult to traverse but have good shoe support and maybe a mono-pod to steady yourself since along the road it is sloping down to the pond. There is a runoff down the hill where you can see the stream wind through the stands of birch trees. If you are lucky you can look over a couple hills which is Kinsman south peak and much of the west flank may be all in red like the one day I was there.

Our trip stops here for today but you can continue up 112 towards Vermont or catch Route 116 up to Sugar Hill and Polly’s pancakes… More on that another time!

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