Don’t Panic!! but early fall color reports are normal in August!

Early fall color reports are coming in for northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. I have a few spotters who are sending me what they are seeing. In the past couple of days Jennifer Hannux of Northeast Kingdom Photography has sent me these shots.

Jennifer says “In just the last couple of days with a few good chilly nights you can really start to see the “yellowing” of some of the leaves. There are still very spotty full color trees, but generally it’s still very green. Maples are showing the most signs of color right now…edges of leaves are of oranges and reds. It’s going to be very warm this week, temps in the 80’s and lows in the mid to upper fifties. Summer is still in full swing. Still onset for a normal peak up here in the mountains by the very end of September, maybe first week of October.

early autumn color in Washington, VT

early fall color by Heather Duke in Washington, VT

The early color is looking good. Vibrant. Hopes for the rest of the trees to follow!

Another Vermont shot

Heather Duke of Vermont tagged me in this shot from this weekend but I’m not sure about her statement. she said she saw this and thought of me… I see fall color and a big fat sheep… I know I could lose a bit of weight but come on now… Really that much???

Print winner for July

July’s print winner is Lucy Perez of Texas and she choose for her free print signed by yours truly… Photography Prints

One of my Rhode Island images of a gorgeous maple with branches that stretched out forever. You can see it here or if you click on it, over on Fine Art America.

Events going on during the next few weeks in New England


August 1 – Labor Day (September 2) 2013
Mad River Valley, Vermont (Central Vermont)

Named “One of America’s Top Summer Activities” by Travel and Leisure magazine. This annual festival has 50 free events in 50 stunning locations. Choose from exhibits, performances, workshops and demonstrations of painting, poetry and crafts, poetry workshops, lectures, a full moon celebration and culinary extravaganzas.   On August 5, come for the 16th year of A Taste of the Valley – the most talked about event of the summer season!


August 10 & August 24, 2013
Providence, Rhode Island

WaterFire is a highly unique public art experience that has attracted tens of thousands of visitors to Rhode Island’s creative capital city of Providence. The event is based on an original artistic installation of bonfires lit on the three waterways passing through downtown Providence. WaterFire creates a magical artistic event celebrating earth, air, fire and water. Admist the flicking firelight of 100 bonfires, stroll through Water place Park and enjoy music and entertainment from around the world.


August 23-25, 2013
Bangor Waterfront – Bangor, Maine

Traditional performers from across the country celebrate the richness and variety of American culture in this free, 3-day, multi-stage event.  The festival features four stages of music and dance, traditional craft demonstrations and exhibits; a children’s area with activities for the whole family; dozens of food vendors offering ethnic food, regional specialties and traditional festival favorites; and a Marketplace offering unique, handcrafted items and “Taste of Maine” treats for sale.

And last but not least

Grand opening of The Four Corners of New England Gallery

Our Gallery will be having our grand opening on Friday the 23rd of August. We’ll be entering those who make small purchases in a raffle for a grand prize of two tickets for the Cape Ann Whale watch out of Gloucester. There are other prizes such as mugs and greeting cards as well, And at 11AM we’ll have the ribbon cutting and then free food and drinks until 1PM or they run out. (so get there early) 🙂

Escape today

So if you are in the neighborhood of Salem Massachusetts then click this Google plus link for the Four Corners Gallery and see if you can make it in for a visit. Please, if you get a chance, to click below and like or Gallery and decor gift shop Facebook page.

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