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Fall foliage report for the 2nd week of August

  • Fall  reporting begins
  • Fall pictures from the NEK and Maine

Fall reporting begins

I’ve been scouring the internet for any new reports and so far everything seems to be within normal ranges. There are no alarming trends in weather for New England other that it’s a bit damp, OK! it’s been damn wet! But that said, we have had (I hope) enough dry days in between the wet ones to prevent fungus and maple leaf mold. Cross your fingers.

I just found a report  from North Carolina talking about the upcoming autumn fall colors.  Kathy Mathews is known as their fearless foliage forecaster. You can read the North Carolina article here.

The short synopsis is exactly what I’ve been saying all year. IF we dry out for the rest of August and stay dry in September (not bone dry but an inch or less during the month) then we’re looking at a great autumn. This also goes for Oct and we want sunny days then because the colors develop brighter reds and more intense oranges when it’s sunny. If we get a rainy day it does a couple of things. First it slows or stops the change in colors. Next it makes the leaves heavy and a slight wind can break the fragile bond with the branch they are attached to.

My call on what we might get?

I keep a close eye on New England for temps and precipitation and now we are looking good for the next 10 days. Weather reports call for below normal rain for New England (read this as good) Also the climate folks at NOAA are saying “average” for precip between now and November. We’ll see what that means!

Temperatures are looking to be a little above normal. Last Sept we had lows in the 40s across New England so I’m not sure how to interpret that. Also they say Northern Maine is due to have warmer than average temps during this time. We’ll have to see how accurate they are.

All the usual sites for fall foliage reporting will be starting next month so we can see what they say. If you are a long time reader of my blog you know I don’t shy away from possibly being wrong.

I figure what the heck, if I’m wrong, I’ll just have a thousand folks chasing me around the Salem common with pitch forks…  (I hope its illegal to tar and feather someone now-a-days) 🙂

Reports from up north

I have several photographer friends sending me foliage observations and in the NEK (North East Kingdom) I’m hearing about lows in the 40s. While this doesn’t panic me, I am keeping an eye on it.

In 2012 we started getting down in the 40s across much of New England so that when mid-September arrived, we had early color From New Hampshire to Connecticut. In the end it didn’t seem to really affect the fall colors and the colors that I found were outstanding!

Jeff Foliage viewing peak fall foliage

looking out on all the incredible fall color at the beaver pond.

Two of my foliage spotters

One of my spotters is from Maine. Shelagh runs Shelagh Delphyne Photography. and she says the usual areas in swampy zones are showing the beginnings of color. It’s not widespread but it does catch your attention.

Shelagh Delphyne Photography

Shelagh Delphyne Photography

One of my other reporters is Jennifer Hannux and you can find her on Facebook at Northeast Kingdom Photography.

Jennifer says you have to be at higher elevation (1800 and above) in order to see the turning of the colors. As you can see from her shots below it’s really just the beginning tell-tale signs but they are definitely there. She says “The long twilight and golden hour make walking in the woods feel awesome”. She also feels it will be another 4 weeks before there is any kind of big push for colors.

Here are some of Jennifer’s pictures from this week:

Escape today

That is it for this week, so please visit and share my Fall Foliage Facebook page. I’m usually up there and I put up a “where is it” image every few days. So if you think you know New England, stop in and see if you know where I took a particular picture.

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