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Autumn color in Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge.

View from the overlook of the Pondicherry State Wildlife Refuge

View from the overlook

I constantly tell you to get out of the car, well, to see this you are going to stretch your legs. I have a theory and to test it, I joined the Audubon Society.

You see, I think Birders know where all the really great spots are because they are constantly chasing things with wings. Well I heard from one of my Bird connections that Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge is a great place to see birds, moose and bear, it’s also a great view of the presidentials (and autumn color) climbing high above Cherry Pond.

Links to their website

Best dates

I got there at 9AM on 2 Oct and I feel that up to a week earlier would have shown better color but I did see an impressive Autumn color palette.

Getting there

First you head Waaay north, up Route 93. (The earlier in the season the further north you have to travel). You get off in Littleton NH and head NE towards Whitefield.

Parking lot for Pondicherry.

This is right on the road but if you go to fast you can miss it.

When you get into Whitefield you will travel through the town and out the other side on Jefferson Road. Take this till you hit Hazen road which should be a lat/long (44.37583, -71.5808). Now you head to the airport and be careful to NOT take colby road. (a nice road but not what you want.) You are going to be passing right along various outbuildings for the airport but don’t worry, you are getting close.

the path into the area involves walking in to the overlook and is around a mile or so.

walking in to the overlook is around a mile or so.

You will start climbing up a hill when you will see a gate on your left, Stop! You have arrived. I got there too early and parked outside the parking lot in the weeds but around 9ish they open the gate to allow you to park in the small parking lot. (picture below)

Don’t go too fast up the hill or you could miss it, even though it’s right on the road. the entry way could be missed and I had to turn around.

The walk in

This is a good walk for those who are not professional hikers. It’s almost a straight shot that has been graded flat with gravel. It is around 1.7 miles in so be ready for a 45+ minute walk in and maybe longer if you are slow like me. (I thought it was hours) Check the rules as I think you can bicycle in but nothing motorized until winter.

Arriving at Cherry Pond

Once you get to the lookout point you can sit down and catch your breath as you gaze out at the surrounding mountains. I hope you’ll take the time to walk in as it’s a beautiful stop.

A view across the pond at the Pondicherry State Wildlife Refuge with the mountains in the distance.

A view across the pond


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