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Fall foliage surrounds the Balsams Hotel and the reflection doubles the impact.

This Fall foliage report is brought to you by Mother Nature.

The color is looking great! What more do you need to know? 🙂 Oh what about the dull color?? You want to know about that? Then read on my friends…

Today’s Content

  1. My contest winner on Fine Art America
  2. My route that I drove on 27 Sept (NH & VT)
  3. Pictures of course
  4. What I think the next week will hold for us

Contest winner on FAA

I have my Photography up on FAA and a couple of times a year I hold a fall foliage contest and last week I had 79 artists enter 266 photos and paintings.

The winner was Mike Martin with his titled photo, “Raking’s all done”.
Photography Prints

The second place winner (Butch Lombardi) has his photo on my fall foliage Facebook page. Please stop in and like my page.

My route for 27 Sept Stats: Distance recorded 223.998 miles. Time it took to cover said miles, 8 hrs & 19 min. my average speed was 26.9MPH. Highest point in my trip was 1053ft above sea level. Does this tell you something? Yeah I took my time to drive those miles… Yes I enjoy my job of bringing you these reports.
27 Sept NH/VT fall foliage - Sightseeing trip | EveryTrail (lien direct)

I started over on the right side of the map in Littleton NH. You can follow the route with photos along the way but basically I made it to the Milan NH state park fire tower and you can look at the video below to see what the color looked like on 27 Sept 2013.

Fall foliage around the grist mill in Vermont

Gristmill in Guildhall Vermont.

Next I headed over into Vermont to see how the colors looked over there and I stopped at the Guildhall Gristmill. Then I headed up Grandby road finding another view that I hadn’t seen in a while. I also love the “little finds” you find along you route.

a vermont garage covered in license plates

a garage covered in license plates

Today it was a garage covered in license plates. At one time the grandfather who was the town blacksmith started collecting the plates. His blacksmith shop down the road had a bunch and now his grandson continues the practice. He used to have all 50 states but some people came by and stole some but if you want to contribute? Just take a plate on your route over Granby rd to East Burke. You can’t miss the place and tell them Jeff Foliage said hi!

I started heading home in the afternoon (I had been up and on the road from 6:30AM) So I headed up to Troy Vermont and the foliage colors were good but I think they will be stronger as we get through this weekend.

I headed down Route 100 and about the time I got to the maine intersection I was re-aquainted with why I tell all of you to stay out of Stowe, TRAFFIC!

A little white steepled church in the hills of Vermont.

A little white steepled church in the hills of Vermont.

Well I inched my way through the downtown when I remembered I wanted to try and catch the iconic view of the white church steeple against what fall foliage colors there were. Well I found a good vantage point on the road out-of-town (108) and I pulled into a businesses parking lot, hoping they wouldn’t yell at me.

Soon I was on the road again and heading south towards Waterbury and I-89. I of course stopped at Cold Hollow cider mill and bought a bag of cider donuts and I even saved a few for my Dad in the nursing home and a bottle of cold “fresh” apple cider.

So ends this tale.

The coming week!

As I hinted above the colors are hit or miss on their brightness. I’m not going to say don’t take such and such road because the colors are dull because if you go 4 or 5 miles further then you will find a hill-side all in bright color. So enjoy your selves and let me know on my Facebook page what you find.. I’d love it if you can upload a picture too!

Well the weather reports have os between sunny and partly cloudy all week-long and while we are going to warm up a little I think we’ll be seeing some of the best color over the next week. The early frosts have really set the fall foliage in motion. There is rain across most of New England on the 7th of Oct but if it’s only one day and it doesn’t bring too much wind with it then I wouldn’t panic.

But! make sure you stop back in and see what I think the next week… If Mother Nature changes her mind she could take all this wonderful weather and replace it with… something a lot worse!

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