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The fall colors are developing around the the Slaughterhouse covered bridge

Yes, I was wrong in my prediction! Not the first time or the last. 🙂 I have to report that the fall foliage colors seem to be showing up early in New England but please DO NOT go canceling your reservations! I just made a 570 mile round trip (and 14 hours) from Salem MA up to St Albans VT, east to I-93 (via Hazens Notch on Route 58 and then south to Salem and my bed. You want to talk about tired!

The lowdown on what to expect between now and Columbus day weekend.

A view from a rest area of the fall foliage developing in New Hampshire around Stocker Pond

A view from the Springfield rest area on I-89 in New Hampshire. This rest area out of all that I have seen in New England has the best view of the surrounding hills.

Today through Monday the weather is looking clear across much of New England with increasing periods of clouds next week the extended forecast looks like a mix of clouds, sun and a few showers… OK, the weather forecast is over. 🙂

What this means, the fall foliage colors that are already early, have nothing to really slow them down.

If we got 2-3 days of rain, it would put a halt on the fall color progression  until dry sunny weather kicked in again. It’s been a little windy and there’s some leaf drop but nothing significant.

It does look like there may be rain coming in next weekend so if you can get out this weekend then I would jump in the car and head north.

My Monday trip results

The fall colors are developing around the the Slaughterhouse covered bridge

The slaughterhouse covered bridge above the Cox Brook

I drove up through New Hampshire on I-93 and I-89 to where I got off in Vermont to travel up Route 12 through Northfield (They have 5, yes count them, but I only had time to photograph 4 of their covered bridges). The color is just developing but between this weekend or next it will be high color (28 Sept-3Oct).

I continued up to St Albans on Route 89. but the color faded south of Burlington and didn’t reappear until I got into north/central Vermont.

Montgomery creamery covered bridge-2

Montgomery creamery covered bridge (west hill bridge)

From there I took a northerly route over 78 to 118 into Montgomery. Since I found out that the Creamery Bridge has been rebuilt I took a spin up there. The color above Montgomery was startling. There were a great many yellows and some orange coverage with a few bright crimson reds that made me wonder what another week would show us.

Fall foliage view from Hazen's Notch

View from Hazens Notch Vermont

Then I came back down into Montgomery and took 58 out of town which is also Hazen’s Notch. Even though it was getting late the low clouds reflected the light and making it bright than it might have been. As you can see the color from this elevation extends up the hills above the Notch and by this weekend 28/29th the color on the Notch should be at peak.

After this is was direct back to I-93 and home. Over all I would say the color is a week early.

Overall if you are not scheduled to arrive until Columbus Day Weekend you won’t miss out because the late areas of the Northwest corner of Vermont and south along Lake Champlain (you can read my article on a scenic road here).

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