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Hi Foliage fanatics! (someone told me they hate “leaf Peepers”)

Colder temps are needed to turn the colors

Last night it got down right chilly in New England BUT! that is only one night! I’m looking at the 10 day forecast for temps across northern New England and except for a dip again on Sunday we will be staying between the mid 40s up to the upper 50s.

Early fall color???

So if anyones talking about early fall foliage arriving they had better change their tune or ask Mother Nature to turn the thermostat down. Depending on what the temps do from the 15th to the 30th of Sept will determine if bright “peak” fall foliage color makes it’s arrival on time or runs a bit late.

Foliage time table

What I expect to see is a slow decrease in temps during the last half of Sept. If I’m right then we will see a gradual turning of the colors during early Oct.

Red, green, orange and yellow surround this Massachusetts church.

Mare’s tails over church surrounded by the fall colors

IF I’M WRONG… Lets hope the nightly temps drop into the low 40s and upper 30s (consistently) and then we will see it build during the last two weeks of Sept. (read that as early color!!!)

I like it when POW! the fall colors bloom almost overnight… It’s incredible to see a real peak area and you won’t soon forget it… In fact, it will jade you forever because you’ll compare all future fall foliage by that one occurrence, always looking for something better…

Foliage report from the NEK

A farm house is seen in the distance with fall foliage that needs colder temps to produce the vibrant colors of autumn

Farm through the trees which are showing a little color

grassy fields turn golden as the autumn makes it's way into the North East. and all thats need is colder temps

The fields are turning golden in the early fall

Jennifer Hannux of North East Kingdom Photography tells me that they called for a frost alert last night up in the NEK and I see the forecast with lows in the upper 30s for Sunday.

As of now I don’t see much of a cool down between now and the 15th) so I’m leaning towards a later start to the fall foliage. Last year we had mostly 40s with a few 30s and we got started around the 28th of Sept. So far in Sept I’m seeing 50’s with a few 40s up through the 15th…

This may be where the NOAA climate prediction folks are right saying it’ll be warmer but they told me a degree or two. We expect to see TEN degrees cooler on average so their forecast is a little off… 🙁

When getting around, are you bringing or have you bought a GPS Garmin nüvi 2555LMT 5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps and Traffic that is a real GPS? I ran out of phone signal in Maine last weekend and I got lost and hit a dead end road. I had to power up my old trusty Garmin, acquire some satellites and get back on track. Also you should have a map book. and as always I recommend the Gazetteers.  keep abreast of foliage changes by stopping in at Northeast Foliage and checking his webcams in New England.


Tropical storms threaten… not!

Well last weeks Invest 97 turned into a short lived tropical storm and has petered out. But that doesn’t mean we’re safe, far from it. This is the season so we’ll keep our eyes open for any other threats.

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