This is the Vermont fall foliage report for 13 Sept.

a cloudless blue autumn sky frames an orange colored maple stands over a rock wall

An orange colored maple stands over a rock wall

Todays article covers

  • 2nd week of Oct accommodations availability
  •  A conversation with Vermont’s head leaf peeper
  • The Northern NE weather outlook (Jeff’s opinion)
  • Today’s images from northern VT


April B. who is a CA photographer and tour guide says she cancelled some extra rooms during the 2nd week in Oct. If you are needing lodgings and the areas match up click the link and call ASAP. These are the two locations:

A conversation with Vermont’s head leaf peeper

I was lucky to get a few minutes with Michael Snyder who is the Commissioner of Forests, Parks & Recreation Dept. He is also Vermont’s official fall foliage forecaster. You can read more about him and his job in the current issue of Yankee or follow this link to their website.

The things we talked about were:

  • Anthracnose and forest health
  • Vermont Forest information
  • His favorite spots for foliage spotting

My big concern was all the rain we received earlier this summer and Anthracnose (a disease that affects maples and other trees, see link) developing. I asked if only the state forest have the rangers looking at them and Mike says “the rangers work with land owners over the whole state so if there were a problem it would be reported”.

Mike also says “that in a “normal” year about 10% of the state has some tree issues so once the reports signal an above average problem, then they will make it into the Fall foliage reports on”.

One thing he likes to stress is that there is so much tree species diversity in the woodland makeup. Vermont has the heaviest population of maples and these are mixed in and around AG (Agriculture) areas and communities. Which makes for constantly changing views.


Even in the rain the peak fall colors were clearly evident at dawn

Even in the rain on the 1st of Oct, the peak fall colors were clearly evident.

Mike’s favorite routes to travel are ones that both get him off the main road but allow him to get out of the car. He like trails that get him so elevation and mentioned Mount Philo which is in Charlotte, Vermont. He also loves to go into the different state parks and climb the fire towers to get the wide-ranging views. He also enjoys the fire towers in Allis State Park and Elmore State Park.

Another item he mentioned was getting a kayak out and floating down any of the hundreds of miles of rivers in Vermont. He notes “you can put in on the Connecticut River and compare how much better the Vermont side looks compared to the New Hampshire side”. (friendly rivalry) :-O

So his main theme is for you to come to Vermont and then get out of the car and explore the wonderful features of Vermont (and New England) 🙂

The Northern New England weather report

First, NO I’m not a meteorologist! But I’m looking at the forecasts and making my best guess, take it or leave it. I look at Jay Peak VT, Dixville Notch NH and Caribou ME as the areas to give me indicators on what is going on.

I’m looking at what we’ve had so far in September and so far it’s not looking too bad. We’ve had a bit of rain (more than I would like but not too terrible). We had a microburst up near Saint Albans VT night before last and  last night some big storms came through southern New England. But for the most part I’m not seeing any Hurricanes heading this way (knock on wood)!!!

Next we have been seeing a good amount of sun (this is great) BUT! The next ten days are showing 8 out of the 10 with clouds and a little precipitation (maybe 2 days out of 10). So we’re not getting the level of sun that we need to produce the bright reds. So think sunshine thoughts!

Another big item is the temperatures and here I’m happier. We’re moving into night-time temps more inline with what I like to see with occasional night-time temps in the low 50s but many evenings are dipping into the low 40s and upper 30s (even a 29! is forecast). Around the 21st it looks like it might warm up a bit but we’ll worry about that when we get there.

So in closing, I’ll say we are looking good for the foliage turning on schedule. 🙂 I know you want to know what that schedule is, right? Well I’m betting on seeing good turning colors by the 28th of Sept and this will be into North East Vermont, North of the White Mtns and Greenville Maine and points north.

but remember this is only if we get a decent amount of sunshine and the night-time temps stay down in the 40s. If it rains the last ten days of Sept then all bets are off…

I don’t know if that helps but those are my thoughts on when we’ll be seeing the colors really make their move down from Canada.

Just in from Northeast Kingdom Photography

Jennifer just sent in these images captured today and she thinks the NEK (Northeast Kingdom) will be peak by the end of Sept! She is also seeing leaf loss due to this weeks rains and wind but it’s looking real nice up there. Today’s images are from Groton State Park and around Norwich VT.

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