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We started out this fall foliage season with the usual wide-eyed innocence that we seem to have every autumn. I look at all the indicators and announce New England is open for fall foliage business! Then… Mother Nature has to throw a wrench into the mix.

We had brilliant reds all over the place which were the results of an abundant rainfall and almost 3 weeks of sunny/partly cloudy days and decent (not perfect) low temps.

10 Oct report

I saw this morning on Fox weather the best map to date of what is out there. Faded or bare trees up north and the only “peak” (I don’t think there is any real strong peak now) was over south central NH and a bit over in southern Maine, for this weekend, WHY? read my synopsis at the bottom.

  • Maine is reporting as of the 9th
    • October 9, 2013 AUGUSTA, Maine – The southeast of Maine is now experiencing peak foliage just in time for the Columbus Day weekend according to the fifth Fall Foliage Report from the Maine Department of Agriculture Conservation and Forestry. Leaf drop is low at 30% to 50%.
    •  The Maine Forest Service and state park rangers are now reporting peak conditions in Zones 2 and 3 covering Bar Harbor, Penobscot Bay, Bangor, and Augusta. The cities of Camden, Bath, and Portland down to Kittery in Zone 1 are at high conditions with less than 70% color change. Recent rainstorms have contributed to a low to moderate leaf drop of 30% to 50%.
  • NH is reporting
    • Well let’s say I disagree with most of their recommendations. Instead I think what you will find is that the color is developing south of the White Mountains and through the lakes region and I think exploring low rolling hill country will yield results.
  • Vermont is reporting as of the 10th
    • “Vermont’s vibrant foliage display is steadily moving to the southern valleys and lower elevations in the broader Champlain Valley.
    • While higher elevations will be past peak, hikers and leaf-peepers should keep in mind that the views from the trails will be opening and that the understory foliage will still be bright and beautiful. Happy trails!”

My observations

Near Brandon Vermont, this foliage covered back road in the late afternoon was very colorful.

A walk down a Vermont back road among the leaves

Lisa and I drove towards Orwell VT and while on I=93 and I-89 we were disappointed by the little good color (thanks Mother Nature) 🙁 we were seeing.

I did find good fall foliage near Brandon VT, (a great little town to visit with a thriving art community). We were out on the back roads looking for the covered bridges (the Henry bridge for one).

The big thing I feel that hurt us this year is that we were lulled into a sense of complacency by all the color developing early. I for one made a few trips but I was seeing red all over and I didn’t stop to photograph it all. I forgot how transient the fall colors can be.

Well Mother Nature gave me a nice slap up side my head and took much of the peak colors away. In one fell swoop last Monday night the winds and rain ran across New England, taking away all the beautiful colors..

Actually there are a ton of leaves left… (more like 40 tons) And now we just have to wait for them to catch up. We’ve had four days of sun and we have at least another 7 days of sun. So all the colors over the next week will be awesome.

Where to look this weekend

The rolling hills with farms at every turn beckon to the photographer to stop and capture the work that has been done….

Posted by New England Fall Foliage on Friday, October 11, 2013

As noted above There is good color in South-Central NH and southern (low) rolling hills of VT and both sides of Route 7 Rutland to Bennington. Also per my last fall foliage report, I think Lexington and Concord should be near peak this weekend along with the areas around the Quabbin reservoir in Central MA. Also, I just received word that NW Rhode Island and NE Connecticut are at high color or nearing peak. One last area I would check out is the Berkshires. Mount Greylock might be bare but the hills below should be coloring up nicely. Here is a link to a video I shot on Tuesday of the hair pin turn on the Mohawk Trail.

I wish you all luck! I will be in the Four Corners of New England gallery in Salem Ma so if you want to come to Salem for some scary fun it should be a perfect way to top you vacation! Drop in and say BOO!

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