8 Oct fall foliage report (After the wind and rains)

Flaming orange and gold fall colors

Flaming orange and gold fall colors

I went out and beheld a single magnificent red and orange maple tree. Standing tall against the bright blue morning sky. This was the first thing I saw leaving my neighborhood and Lisa says to me, “Not even one minute out of the driveway and you are already stopping? This will be a long day!”. 🙂

Fall color south after serious wind and rain on Monday!

Monday a low pressure drove over New England and yes it took down some leaves but from what reports I’ve had, the damage is less than I feared.

Tuesday morning Lisa and I left to see what we saw driving across MA.

Our route was simple, leave Salem, head west on Route 2 connect to the Mohawk trail and get to Route 7 head north then drive north into Vermont and then as the light faded cut back to home and write this up. Yup, it sounds simple.

Rule #1 broken

Always allow more time than you need because you will want to stop to take pictures. Heck I didn’t get 1 minute from the house before I shot the above image and then it was 12 or so minutes later when I stopped again, yes it was going to be a long day…

Below you can look over some of my images from the day.

Fall color report

Lexington on Route 2a in Mass is looking very good and is worth a visit this coming weekend. Do not consider Route 2 the fall color demarcation line, since a good friend posted a shot of Petersham MA (South of Route 2) and it was very colorful. seen from my Facebook fall foliage page.

Pertersham MA after the wind and rain is looking very nice by photographer John Burk

Posted by New England Fall Foliage on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Once we left Concord we had a nice stop in Erving MA. We had lunch at Freight Antiques and if you have read any of my previous reports, you know my wife and I love this place. Plus they have a little lunch counter with fresh cooked everything… Don’t get me going on their apple pie… 🙂

We were driving along and Lisa said the three magic words, No, not I love you.. She said Wildlife Viewing area, although I like the other too. 🙂

So I swerved onto the side road (ok I slid a bit) and we follow along a nice black top road and came upon a campground with a cemetery in it.. I hope that wasn’t the wildlife viewing area!

We found an old train trestle crossing a river and I photographed that while Lisa figured out where we were. someday you get a little more lost than others but she soon had us back in known territory. I think Lisa was mad because we missed Florida (the town not the state). We never did find the wildlife viewing area… Maybe it was the cemetery but only on Samhain? (look it up)

We got up to Bennington Vermont and we started seeing some real good color and we found he had run out of time and the light was fading. So we found three Covered bridges while we were there, had dinner and we drove back home.

The final look

Ok, this year, the fall color was and is breaking out all over and all at once. You SHOULD be able to find peak color from the MA border north but as you see in John Burk’s image above if you stray to the south you will be able to find spots of peak or near peak color.

The words I’m getting is that the Kancamagus is faded or bare from the winds and rain on Monday. But I believe it you drive the Kanc, it will still provide some color in the valleys and along the rivers that are more sheltered. Over all if you concentrate your search in Central VT/NH and ME with some searches in MA, I think you will find great color.

Columbus Day Weekend Weather

The weather is looking very good through the weekend. The worse thing you should see at this time is a cloudy day. The clouds are forecasted to be high and thin which can be great for the temps and photography because it makes it bright but filters the harsh direct sunlight. So all in all a really good day is in the forecast.

When you get off your vacation or foliage day trip I would love for you to come to my fall foliage Facebook page and share with me and all the fans with what you found. Share your favorite view, and what you enjoyed the best.

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