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Franconia Notch State Park , Flume gorge covered bridge

Bad weather can be good weather + 10 locations to look for great fall colors around October 1st

fall foliage

  • Low pressure moving in for the next week and what it means!
  • Favorite fall foliage spots to look for
  • Some photos from October 1st around Franconia Notch

Bad weather is good for Photographers IF!

floating falling leafsOK, a low pressure means rain and generally, weather we would rather not see during foliage season. Rain and even light winds, means, what is peak and on the trees will become a colorful carpet in no time.

Red, green, orange and yellow surround this Massachusetts church.

Mare’s tails over church surrounded by the fall colors

Most all of you want sunny days and cool nights and no rain or uncomfortable weather. You also want all the leaves on the trees and plenty of locations to pick from, in fact you want it in every direction. In other words you want it easy.

Well my friends we’ve had several weeks of nice weather and the past several weeks have been incredible and now we’re looking at wind and rain. So you may have to work at it, to find your fall colors.

If you’ve gone and read any of my past articles, RULE #1 always be looking for an activity to do (a fall festival is nice) and if you find fall colors along the way then you have a bonus round for the day.

This week from Friday the 4th till Columbus Day weekend is looking cloudy at best with a couple of days of sun around the 9th. There are periods of rain due in between this Friday and next week so be sure to dress for walking in the rain. (Note, you will NOT melt if you get wet)

Photography tip for wet weather

Photographers know one thing, misting rainy day while not nice for our cameras, ARE nice for making the colors saturated. If it’s a downpour no one will enjoy that so hopefully we’ll get the misting, light rains. All you need to do is just grab a plastic bag to protect your electronics.

Locations that I think will be at high color this coming weekend

Foliage covered hills around Hildene VT

Hildene home of Todd Lincoln amid fall foliage

The question is are you willing to drive the miles to get up there. I’ve had several days of driving 14-15 hour days and it’s not that I drove a thousand miles. I drove 379 miles yesterday and 14.5 hours from the time I hit the road till I got home. Why you ask? Because I got out of the car and really went looking for the fall colors.

The places I send you to are not places where you can roll the window down snap your picture and move on. You will need to leave the car and explore… This cuts across VT/NH and ME. And hell no! it is not all-inclusive… 🙂

  1. Manchester VT. College town and home to Tod Lincoln (the son of Abraham Lincoln). Take the tour of the estate and walk the garden paths. The town is picturesque and worth seeing.
  2. Route 125 between Middlebury VT and Hancock VT. Twisty winding road with steep walls of color.
  3. Woodstock VT. Quaint village, Covered bridge, Billings farm and museum, Pomfret just up the road and a bunch more:
  4. The Albany Covered Bridge lies along the Kancamagus Highway.

    The Albany Covered Bridge lies along the Kancamagus Highway.

    The Kancamagus highway (Route 112) should still be good but the higher elevations may be a bit bare by next week but you have hiking trails and the Albany covered bridge and several stops along the way to explore. Yes you will have to get out of the car (and lock it since you’ll be out for 30 minutes to an hour or two) You have  Sabbaday FallsLower Falls and Rocky Gorge to start with. The Lilly pond can provide nice reflections of the fall colors and even on a rainy/cloudy day is nice.

  5. Lakes Region NH: I think the lakes region with Squam  Lake and Lake Winnipesaukee will take an entire day for you to explore it. If you go to Meredith you will be able to take the Mount Washington steamer out for foliage viewing on the lake. Wolfboro and Moultonboro are excellent villages to visit and view the colors while visiting the shops.
  6. North Conway NH: Route 16 will take you into Conway and then North Conway. BUT! covered bridges are not on Route 16 but one street over you have Washington street and first you have the Saco River covered bridge and just turn back onWashington street and you can hit the Swiftriver Covered Bridge. ALERT! you can if you want to stay in the car for these two or even do a slow drive by and check them off your list.
  7. Jackson NH: You will drive through Conway and up Route 16 till you get to 16A go through their covered bridge. and then on the left you have a great little country store, Next is Ravenwood next to the Fire station. And there should be pumpkin people out in front of most businesses. How many do they have this year.
  8. Rangeley Lake ME: Take Route 16 north to where it crosses into Maine and soon you’ll be at Rangeley Lake. I would do the loop and stop and buy some apples and view the different views of the lake. On the south side of the lake is Rangeley State Park (Hey! it’s a State Park so it’ll be open unlike Acadia and other National Parks that as of this writing are closed due to idiots in the Government. But I digress… There are trails and picnic areas and LOTS of trees to enjoy…
  9. Coos Canyon fall foliage

    Coos Canyon fall foliage

    Coos Canyon ME: Halfway between Rangeley and Rumford on Route 17 lies Coos Canyon. This is usually good for a stretch of the legs and explore the rough rock walls. I even found a maple sapling growing out of the stone. Oh if you are wondering if there is any color there? Well look at my New England Foliage Facebook page profile image and you will see a view of the canyon… If you are reading this and the image is of something else besides a canyon (OK! it’s not the “Grand Canyon”) surrounded on both sides with incredible color then let me know and I’ll send you a special link to see it!

  10. Fryeburg ME: This weekend is the Fryeburg Fair (runs through Monday) and all the fair loving goodness you can hope to find is there and I believe the colors will be good.. How certain of this am I? My Route tomorrow will take me from Salem, up Route 16 to Rangeley Lake down through Coos Canyon (I want to see if the little sapling is still surviving and then Lisa and I are planning to attend the Fryeburg fair. (long day)

I hope you  all enjoyed this article and if you think I was poking fun at you for not getting out of the car. I wasn’t! I was poking myself because yesterday I felt very out of shape on the Flume Gorge trail and while I survived it my legs really hurt today. So you aren’t the only ones who need to get out and explore the trails.

Here are some of my shots from Tuesday October 1st.

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