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In this fall foliage article:

  • Red maple or a striped maple turns a fiery red in the afternoon sun

    Red is the fall color of choice this year

    Reds are the color of choice this autumn

  • My report on Friday’s trip through NH and Maine and a report by Bran Bzdula on NH fall colors this weekend.
  • My outlook for the coming week.

Reds are the color of choice this autumn In the past 10+ years of viewing the fall foliage in New England I have never seen such vibrant reds! This is not just my opinion but most of you as well. I have heard from many photographers that tell me they will be driving along and there will be one scarlet tree that makes their eyes water and the very breath catch in their throats (and I thought I was coming down with a cold) 🙂 I hope you had a chance to be on the roads this fall and see Mother Nature’s gorgeous reds develop across the hills and valleys of New England. If not I will be writing through the rest of this fall and as I get time. Then I will go through my images looking for interesting shots to post for you. Also you can go to my fall foliage Facebook page and see the images and reports coming rolling in. Be sure to check both the posts by page and others because I’m getting a lot of posts by fans of the page.

Taken 3 Oct on our foliage search in Northern NH. We traveled up to Errol on Route 16 and the color was still very good up there… as this shot does attest to. 🙂 Please share with your friends.

Posted by New England Fall Foliage on Friday, October 4, 2013

3 October drive to NH and south through Maine by Jeff Foliage

Pinkham Notch in the white Mountains of NH

Pinkham Notch in the white Mountains of NH

We drove for 479 miles on Thursday and left before 7AM and returned 14 hours later. We drove North on Route 95 to 16. As I expected there still isn’t much color along the southern route of this trip. Once we got north of Farmington in the area of Conway I started to see some spotty but bright colors. Again maples dressed in scarlet were the order of the day. The first place I stopped was Ravenwood in Jackson NH. I have a video on Youtube where I walked through the outside gallery… Follow the link.

Peak fall foliage color in Errol NH

a double mound of fall color

Next we stopped at Pinkham Notch and then at the foot of Mount washington. All along Route 16 to Errol we found pleasing to good and a few spots of outstanding color. We then came down into Rangeley lake and the color was nice but I could tell if it hadn’t peaked yet or was slightly faded. The trees are all in color (thus peak) but they were missing the vibrancy that I’ve seen in NH and VT.

Off Route 17 between Rangeley Maine and Rumford lies Coos Canyon which in the fall is lined with fall foliage colors as the water flows down the chasm.

Fall colors line Coos Canyon in Maine

We stopped in Coos Canyon and the colors were outstanding and should be good this whole week. (let me know what you find). We took a different route south from the norm and we took 313 south from Route 2. This is an outstanding little road and in spots a bit narrow (not maintained in the winter) but it was very colorful and if done in the morning you have a section that is cut out to look out on to the ravine and river. In the afternoon the sun is in your face so not as good.

5/6 Oct NH Report by Bryan Bzdula

See more of Bryan's work at Bryan Bzdula Photography

See more of Bryan’s work at Bryan Bzdula Photography

I just got back from my 606 mile weekender in the Whites. Franconia Notch is at peak, the ride down 302 through Crawford Notch is also peak. Bear Notch and the Kanc all the way to the pass is peak. Color fade through the pass, then picks up a little on the west end. Beaver Pond area is past peak. The color around most of the falls in those peak areas is almost past peak. I’m tired.

The Foliage low down and where should you look?

First, this year like every year is different. But I will say you have some of the best opportunities to catch great  foliage views in New England. Everybody posting pictures from this weekend are showing scenes of great foliage and this color is stretching from the White/Green mountains south into CT/MA and RI.

This means you have an extremely wide swath of New England to fin great fall foliage colors. The rain has brought down some leaves I’m sure and I did see a car drive by my gallery this afternoon and the normally dark colored car was yellow from the tree it parked under at some point…’

But for the most part the winds have been light, (5MPH) and in a few cases I’m seeing reports of 15MPH but I haven’t seen any 40MPH gusts which creates a carpet of color in no time.

This just came in, I sure hope the WX man is wrong on this one…

This is a computer model simulation of what the radar will look like at 6pm on Monday. Although the timing is just an…

Posted by Steve LaPointe Wrgb on Sunday, October 6, 2013


So this week as we move back into the sunshine by Thursday (hopefully earlier) you should be able to find good color in your areas depending on what this cold front does…

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