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bright red leaves blending to orange and gold in one tree.

Fall foliage denial and how to cope

clipart bare tree with no leavesHave you started to feel it yet? “Fall Foliage Denial” Autumn is coming to an end and there is nothing you, I, or anyone can do! I wrote about “the six steps of fall foliage” last November and this is my update.

Fall colors on 3 November with a red and yellow oak leaf against the golden sugar maple leaves.

Fall colors on 3 November in Northern Vermont

You’ve been watching a tree near your home go from green to tinges of orange to orange and yellow, full peak top to bottom. Then the next day, it’s a bit darker and a branch high up near the top is bare of leaves. And then you blink and most of the leaves are on the ground (or hopefully in the neighbor’s yard).

So despair and denial are washing over you in waves. Is there any way to cope with these feelings?

Coping mechanisms

First I’m not a Psychologist; these are just my random thoughts on this subject. (and things I found on the web!)

  • My first thought that comes to mind is curl up in a ball and sleep until spring when things start greening up. (Not practical if you have to work)
  • Wrap yourself up in work and don’t stop until spring. (Also not good for you)
  • Be one of those tough outdoor types who gets all worked up about fresh powder on the mountains so you have something to look forward to.

I love going through my images and sharing. I find it soothing as the last of the leaves are heading to the ground to…

Posted by New England Fall Foliage on Tuesday, November 5, 2013

  • If you can find some nice leaves that are still colorful then start pressing them. I’m trying the glycerin method to preserve my leaves. This way I can take them out in the off-season and enjoy their colors. (Note this may only prolong the despair and pain) I’ll let you know how it goes in a week or so.
  • Heather G. says “she is moving on to composition shots by gathering leaves around other objects and then embracing the fifth season (out of six) by using stick season to photograph those somber shots in graveyards. You know the type, gravestones in rows with old gnarled trees with branches reaching to the sky of gray”. (Thanks Heather)
  • Make Excuses! – Yes you heard me right.  Make an excuse to get outside! J Start taking regular walks with any camera you have. And try to find the last of the leaves in your neighborhood. If you live in Arizona, then capture a flower on a cactus or some other feature others don’t see.
  • Don’t let your mood dictate your plans. If you’re in a lousy mood then grab your camera and get outside. Maybe meet someone walking the neighborhood or go to a bookstore, just don’t be alone. If you have plans don’t cancel them because of the mood. Most likely they will understand and just talking will bring about a mood change… Don’t forget the chocolate (or candy corn).
  • Get a daylight balanced lamp for your desk or work area. These lights can trick your brain into feeling it’s summer. Ok with 4 feet of snow on the ground it’s hard to trick your brain around that but you may feel better about shoveling it.


bright red leaves blending to orange and gold in one tree.

brilliant autumn colors on a Marblehead street This image can be viewed here

Denial runs strong in my line (imagine Darth Vader saying this) and like every other autumn, I will keep looking for little signs like this shot from today in Marblehead MA.

I’m going to keep looking for signs of the passing autumn so I hope you will continue stop in and say Hi! (either here or on my Facebook page).

I can’t do anything about the lack of leaves on the trees or the amount of leaves on the ground. But I can keep moving on to capture new images and remember The first day of Fall 2014 is only 321  days away and getting less every day!

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Fall foliage denial and how to cope — 5 Comments

  1. Well, Jeff, for those of us who loathe hot weather, the approach of winter is in many ways easier to welcome than the approach of summer. I know, that’s easy to say for someone who can work from home with remote access to office computer….

    • Well as someone who has done the work from home I know being too cold or too hot is never good. I would assume if I was in the south or southwest that I would live for the cooler months of winter

  2. The leaves may be fading, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner and can help extend the warm feelings.

    • This is true! I’m looking forward to good food and family things to do and all those are things to be positive about… Maybe I should add that…

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