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There’s only one covered bridge along the Kancamagus Highway.

I’m of course talking about the Albany Covered Bridge. Depending on which direction you are traveling, it’s either 50 miles east of Lincoln or 6 miles west of Conway on (of course) Route 112.

I’m going to take you the more scenic route and assume you are coming in from Lincoln in the west, Why? because I have a couple stops along the way to show you.

The “Kanc” and side trips

Most everybody has driven the “Kanc” but every year I try to stop and find a new little corner to explore. Some years it’s nothing more than revisiting the spots I really enjoy (or have time to visit).

As you leave Lincoln and pass Loon Mountain behind, wait a minute… you did  stop at Loon and ride the gondola to the top and explore up there? Great views and a couple of stores and caves for you and the kids to climb around in.

 Scenic pull out that isn’t a real pullout!

View from the Kanc to see a tapestry of autumn fall foliage

View from the Kanc

Ok, the next stop is right near the top or the highest point along this trip. You are going to do the hairpin switch back but before you get there you will see a little pullout to on the right. If there is room then pull in and get out and stretch your legs while you take in the view. To me this is better than the “official paved pull outs that are to come.

You have lots of pull offs if you are traveling slowly. I guarantee that if you get going you will all of a sudden find yourself passing scenic view after another.


Lower falls river shot

The lower falls is a great spot for getting the bright afternoon fall colors reflecting on the surface of the river.I’m going to skip about 20 or 50 scenic opportunities and have you stop at the lower falls. I have never walked to the lower falls because I always enjoy climbing over the boulders that are just past the parking area. If you are lucky to arrive around 3PM then you should find that the far side of the river is a glow in colors… (also 1-8 Oct is your goal to get here)

Once you leave the lower falls keep your eyes open because you’ll be looking on your left for the entrance to the Covered Bridge campgrounds.

The Albany Covered Bridge lies along the Kancamagus Highway.

The Albany Covered Bridge lies along the Kancamagus Highway.

As soon as you can pull to the right and follow it around until you find a parking spot. It’s simple from here, just walk to the bridge. Both entrances are very scenic and worth shooting but my favorite is to cut through the trees and carefully walk across the rocks down stream.

from here you can get a good side view of the bridge with its red roof. I also managed to get a little reflection of the bridge in a puddle among the rocks.


Heading home on the highway

I’ll close out this article with a little cellphone video of driving down the highway on Route 93. I wish I could say I would never take video while driving. I will say if it had been heavy traffic then I would have not but since the one car that was within sight had passed me, I felt somewhat safe…

Besides I did it for all of you! 🙂 (I know not an excuse…) Please enjoy anyway.

Jeff “Foliage” Folger

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