2014 New England fall foliage forecast

Welcome to my 2014 New England fall foliage forecast 

Red maple or a striped maple turns a fiery red in the afternoon sun

Red is the fall color of choice this year

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2014 New England fall foliage forecast

My Last update for a fall foliage forecast will be near the end of June (or just after the 4th of July). After that you can follow me on  Or if you prefer, you can like my facebook page for New England fall foliage!

The fall foliage forecast is always the hardest article to write with so many variables to look at. There are many factors that just can’t be taken into consideration until they’ve happened.

From severe weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes that will crop up at the worst possible times but there’s no way to predict whether or not we will really get one.

NOAA climate prediction

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The folks at NOAA are still showing temperatures a bit above average for the August-September-October time period. but this year is the first time I’ve seen the precipitation coming and at completely average. It’s showing neither above or below rainfall for the late summer to fall time period.

 The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Up in NH and at Yankee Magazine Old Farmer’s Almanac they have put their prediction online.

Their fall foliage forecast shows “September and October will be warmer than normal, with rainfall slightly above normal in the north and a bit below in the south.”

Northern US temperature and rainfall prediction

Northern US temperature and rainfall prediction

My take, for what its worth

Based on the glimpse of these data points I see now, we might have a moist Sept/Oct which could slow things down.. I bet you are wondering about your plans and before you go and start canceling things, next week we will go over my best tips for making sure you have the best odds of a good foliage vacation..

Sorry it’s late and I need my rest… and I’ve been binge watching Doctor Who as of late (still in season 4 and a way to go) but I will put on my thinking cap and we’ll see if we can’t plan for a really good autumn in spite of a little rain.

Jeff “Foliage” Folger

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