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Yes I’m already keeping track of how long till the first day of autumn. If you look to the upper left side of your screen you will see a countdown to the first day of Autumn which occurs on September 23rd this year.

265 days till the first day of autumn and yes I'm doing what I can to find some fall foliage. What can I say I have to…

Posted by New England Fall Foliage on Thursday, January 9, 2014

As you can see on Facebook I’m doing what I can to be creative at finding some color in January and as we teeter/totter back and forth between a white landscape and stick season (brown) in which I found the above composition.

What we really want to see

Here you can see a view of the Jenne farm in Reading Vermont. How many of you have taken the time to find this or a few other Vermont scenic landscapes?

If you want to purchase a road map for some of the popular Vermont iconic landscapes then read my article on the Sleepy Hollow farm and follow the links to John Kaplan’s Vermont Scenics.

How is the 2014 fall foliage season shaping up?

Well It’s really too early for a firm prognosis on the health of the arboreal landscape of New England, BUT! It is looking fair so far.

We have had some nice seasonable cold fronts swing through bringing lots of snow and moisture. On the negative side we had a record-breaking ice storm cut across Vermont, New Hampshire and northern Maine.

The two things that this will affect during February and Oct are:

  • Maple syrup production. Damaged trees may affect the sap running, not to mention all the lines have to be checked for damage from fallen trees and branches.
  • As we go through the spring and summer, I’ll be chatting with forestry officials to get a feel for how the ice storm has affected the trees. If the Maples (and others) suffer greatly they put a lot of energy into repairing the damage from the lost limbs.

I’m not an Arborologist (no degrees or things like that)  but I feel that my passion for Arborology carries over into observing what is good or not good for the arboreal forests. I also know when to ask the right people the questions! 🙂

So that said…

It early to say how the 2014 fall foliage season in New England will be but so far it's looking good.

My early overview of the 2014 season

So That is it for this week,

Next time I’ll find a little white church for you to explore up in New Hampshire and maybe even a stone tower (if I can figure out what it is). Also I’ll have data from the climate prediction folks at NOAA and Yankee Magazines Farmers Almanac.


Jeff “Foliage” Folger

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