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Golden leaves glow brightly in the New England autumn
Golden leaves glow brightly in the New England autumn

Walkway view in autumn

At any time of the year this is a great waterfall that doesn’t require more than getting out of the car and walking down a wood walkway. Moss Glen Falls This has to be one of the easiest waterfalls in Vermont or even New England to get to and enjoy.  You will find it South of Stowe and north of Granville VT on Route 100.

dark green leaves with the mist of the water falls

Spring runoff at Moss Glenn falls

In the image to the right you see what we all love, the golden colors of autumn but this waterfall is a multi-season stop. In Spring, Moss Glen falls will be a torrent of of rushing water, except in 2012 when it was a drought year…

a spring flow of water flowing over Moss Glen Falls. Bright green foliage surround the waterfall

long view from the road of the falls

There is a small parking lot just north of the waterfall which is good because there is no way to safely park along Route 100 in this area. There are several different views which are popular with photographers/artists. So far you’ve seen a side view and if you are careful and walk along the road you can get a long view of Moss Glenn Falls. All Season visit Well I’ll close this out with  a look at Moss Glen during a less hospitable season.

Ice covered water fall in Granville Vermont. Moss Glen Falls is a easy trip even in winter but be careful when pulling into or out of the lot.

Icy Moss Glen Falls

So lets say you are traveling up to Jay Peak for a bit of skiing or maybe to visit the wonderful water park they have at the ski resort. (See the image at the bottom) Route 100 is normally good and they plow most of the parking lot so you should be able to get a frozen view of the falls. Just after a rain you will find this to be a wonderful stop during your Autumn or winter or spring travels.

Jay Peak water park

Jay Peak water park

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