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15 fall foliage locations not to miss on Oct 1st

Greetings my fall foliage friends! I wish I could say that the chill in the air was normal since it was mid-September and cooling down from a nice warm summer but we haven’t gotten there yet! its early March and I’ve still got a couple of feet of snow in places around my house. I know in the scheme of things, spring will come and so will summer. (fingers crossed)

Vermont farm stand #JeffFoliage #vistaphotography, #JeffFolger

Vermont farm stand

This leaves us with fall to think about. If you’re planning on coming to New England and if your dates correspond to the beginning of October then you should pay close attention to this article.  I went back through years of images and found all the locations where I found really good color on or about 1 October.

Believe it or not you don’t always have to be in the extreme northern reaches of New Hampshire or Vermont to find really good color around 1 October. Let’s take a look at:


These images are anywhere from 23 September to 1 October. The fall foliage locations are in the captions along with the date and if you don’t know where a place is, do a search at the top of the page because I probably have done an article on that location. [Locations by state]

 New Hampshire



Really???  You really want to see what the color looks like in Massachusetts on 1 Oct? Well I have a couple of fall foliage locations from late Sept to 6 Oct and the first thing I will say is I had to drive around (a lot) to find these examples. In some cases you’ll see this image and say Hell that’s good enough for me! But in almost every case the nearest neighboring tree is green (sometimes for miles).

But by early Oct the color is more prevalent and along the Mohawk trail and into the Berkshires you are very likely to find very nice colors (Highest elevations in MA are the Berkshires) and by the second week of Oct you “Should”find very nice color, yes that may sound wishy-washy but every year is different. (And hard to predict)

“Caveat foliage seeker”

Let the foliage seeker beware! (yes I invented that)

I will tell you always to seek foliage while you are doing something else! This way you are sure to have a great time and if you get great color!!! then so much the better. On the other hand if you get rains and the colors stop developing then you are back to plan B and having a train ride planned or plans for some historical places to visit then you will be warm and dry, enjoying a train ride and having fun… who knows maybe the sun will come out if you ignore it long enough.. 🙂

You can contact me through this page but I’m all by myself doing this so it might take a while to get back to you. You can also tweet me at @foliage_reports

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15 New England fall foliage locations not to miss on 1 October — 2 Comments

  1. Jeff, You are the MAN! You also have the best job in the world as far as
    I’m concerned. We come up to Mendon Mountain, Killington area every Oct right before Columbus Day. We usually leave the Sunday before Columbus Day and have been finding past peak foliage. I was thinking about moving our annual pilgrimage to pay homage to the leaf goddesses and gods to the last week of September. Also was thinking about making Stowe our home base this year. What do you think?

    • Well, I don’t get over to Rutland that often but to me the only reason you’d be getting passed color is the elevation. Usually 7-10 would be close to peak in that area but in 2012 over in Woodstock and Pomfret the color was mostly gone by but it was a decidedly unusual year. It was cold at night much of Sept which caused many trees to start early. Was this the same pattern in 2013 also?
      It also may be due to frost in the mountains or a lack of enough cold temps.
      Moving to stowe? Well that is a beautiful area but very busy. Can you even get reservations at this time of the year?

      Here are two pictures that are on my fall foliage facebook page. one is 23 Sept and the Other 27 sept and Stowe.(2013) use your own judgement but I still wouldn’t do stowe much before the 5th of Oct.

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