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Fall Foliage colors for the 2nd wk of Oct — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff!

    Great website! We want to plan a trip to New York…..Manhattan and a drive to Niigata falls. Would you have any date recommendations? We were thinking the last few weeks of Ocotober for NY?

    Thanks so much,

    • Well Astrid, NY is a little off my usual route but from my research they say the color starts in Sept just like in New England in the northern corner or Catskills. By the second week of Oct I would bet the colors would be much closer to NYC. The drive up on I-87 isn’t too bad but it depends on how far you want to drive.
      I never recommend on travelers driving all day until they drop, what kind of vacation is that? But if you want the Adirondacks in your images then you may need to move your dates up from the last few weeks of Oct to the first two weeks or even the last week of Sept. I would bet on the former though.

      Some constants are: Fall foliage colors develop from north to south and from higher elevation to lower (except swamp maples which are a little stressed for being in or too close to water and turn early)

      Check this site which I will add to my website even though NY is not officially in New England. It is pretty in it’s own right just like so many other areas of the Country (really the world).

      Please also follow me on Twitter (@Foliage_Reports) and on my Facebook New England fall foliage page

      I hope this helps…

  2. What would you recommend for these dates. We would begin in Boston with a rental car and don’t mind driving through VT, NH, and Maine
    Sept. 29 – Oct. 4
    Oct. 14 – 20

    Do you recommend one set of dates over the other? thanks for your help

    • Well Maria, Both sets of dates have their positive notes. The earlier dates mean you will be up in the NEK (North east Kingdom) of Vermont, Over to the White Mountains (awesome views) and north into the North woods of New Hampshire. Also a longer drive will take you along 302 or Route 2 (a more southern route) or Route 16 (more northern route) which would take you up to the Bigelow Preserve. You would be in some gorgeous country up there and as you head south on 16 you would cross the feet of the Bigelow and south of this is Sugarloaf mountain. This is the Carrabasset valley.
      The downside is if you needed to go further north you have to keep heading south to 201A to head north again… Maine is lousy when it comes to building E/W roads 🙁

      All, some, most of that “SHOULD” be near peak on your early dates (I hope)

      Now your later dates are great for a wide swath across the Green mountains of VT Middlebury and south to well inside the Mass border (Think central Mass). In NH you should be looking at the Lake Winnipesaukee area south to the middle of Mass and in Maine, South of Rangeley lake and down towards the coast. The coastal areas should be the following week.
      But could be 17 Oct onward.

      I hope this helps…
      Jeff Foliage

      • Thanks for your help. We are leaning towards the later dates. flying into Boston on Oct. 14 and then driving for 5-6 days. Do you recommend we make hotel reservations in advance or just drive and find hotel day by day.

        • Well, normally I say follow rule 1 and always get reservations but seeings how your going to be arriving after Columbus day, I think you’ll be ok. Down south or central NH/VT/MA will have more hotels and motels to choose from. But if you are picky on accommodations and I mean it has to be an upscale Wyndham or the like then follow rule 1..

          I’m happy with a common hotel with clean sheets and hot water and maybe wifi are all I normally look for, for me.

          But if you two want the jacuzzi tub (if my wife is along she appreciates the nice touches) and a fireplace and other amenities may be needed and then again see rule 1. If you want to be in Camden Maine then you might review this article about the Norumbega Inn… Not too shabby but not cheap and if I have my wife along then this is where we look to stay and yes I would get reservation for a place like this…


  3. My husband and I are planning trip to VT, NH, and Maine this fall to see the fall foliage. We cannot go Oct 7-12. would you recommend we go before or after those dates.

    • Hi Maria, as I’ve said many times through out my blog. If you come a week earlier the you will be looking at more northerly VT/NH/ME. If you come a week later southern VT/NH/ME and include much of Massachusetts. Which way you go depends on how much driving you like to do and what you want to see… I you post your dates I’ll be able to give a but more guidance
      Jeff Foliage

      • We are from Louisiana so we need to start booking flights and hotels. We plan to fly into Boston and rent a car to drive through VT, NH, and Maine. We also plan to take train from Niagra Falls to Boston or Boston to Niagra Falls.

        • Forget to send dates. We can either come before October 7 or after October 12.

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