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This piece is all about me because so many ask me how to… (fill in the blank) 🙂

Title: EITHER, Put the fall foliage vacation planning where my mouth is (yuck) or How I plan my fall foliage vacation!

fll foliage vacation planning and a small dirt road near Rangeley Lake in Maine on to October 2009

small dirt road near Rangeley Lake in Maine on 2 October 2009

Just in case you are wondering, this does not mean I’ll be putting leaves in my mouth. I will press them or photograph them but I don’t eat them…

I have created a formula which I think makes your job easier and it may or may not stand up to scientific analysis but in most cases works for me. (YES I USE IT)

dealing with fall foliage vacation planning in the conservation land south of Rangeley Lake Maine on to October I found this paper Birch backdropped against incredible Reds and yellows, of a Maple tree

in the conservation land south of Rangeley Lake Maine on 2 October I found this paper Birch backdropped against incredible Reds and yellows, of a Maple tree

D + I = L (or) Date able to take vacation + your Interests should equal (=) a Location to go to visit. I can’t take any vacation time during the month of October so my Dates that I’m taking are 25 – 29 September Now my Interest, is Photography (of course) of fall foliage and to blog/facebook/twitter about what I find.

So I take these Dates plus my Interest and realize that I have to be in northern New England to have them all work together with a chance of being happy!

So Lisa and I (based on these dates) started looking last week for lodging in Greenville Maine. We found a Triple AAA lodge with rooms looking out on the hills of Maine for $99. So we’re staying there for 2 nights as our base of operations.

[Here is our write up on Greenville to include lodging and dining]

I’m looking to take a guided Maine moose tour while there around $135 +/- and we will spend the rest of the time exploring around Moosehead lake and each mealtime we will try to visit one of the local restaurants in the area. (All mom and pop places) Also I know that there is an airplane charter service up on Moosehead lake, Currier flying service and I will price that. Maybe too pricy…

Then we are driving over to Rangeley Lake and a hotel near that location and we will explore that area and I hope to get there early enough see a bit.

NOW! many of you may ask why not drive direct over to… Colebrook where I could spend the day or so in NH (which is what I would like to do)?

The problem is this… There are NO major roads going east to west. So we will have to zig zag north to south on secondary or tertiary roads. This means the Greenville to Colebrook route has a total driving time of @4.2 hours (according to Google)

For those of you saying 4.2 hours? That’s a very short drive!!!  BUT! I know me and I could never drive this route and not stop to take pictures! So the 4.2 hour trip will be at least 8-10 hours minimum!
Photography Prints
I think many people forget to factor in the gawk factor. First, I’m not going to be traveling 50 MPH. I will most likely be doing 25-35 MPH (as long as there isn’t a line waiting to pass me) as I travel this route. There are many considerations so Lisa and I decided to travel less distance and explore more.

So we plan on spending the night at a hotel in Rangeley ME, and then the next day we will drive over to check the fall colors of New Hampshire. We will slowly wind our way south on routes that keep us on back roads and I may even check the Kancamagus from Lincoln over to Route 16 and take that venerable route south to home. This allows me one day to relax and write-up my notes and get several tweets out to my 11,000 followers I know you are all following me on
and Facebook but if not? Feel free to click these links.

What am I looking for while foliage vacation planning?

Lisa and I are looking at the Maine Gazetteer for information on Greenville and roads surrounding the lake. I’m talking to Heather at the Cozy Moose cabins on Moosehead lake for her “local” expertise. I also have The Fodor’s Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont guide book to see what they say.

Of key interest will be places of interesting sidelight opportunities with the dawn light on the shoreline with outstanding reflections. And if I can get the moose standing in the water and a backdrop with brilliant fall colors and his misty breath frozen in the morning light as he bellows for a mate… Well I wouldn’t turn that down either. 🙂

Let me know if this helps in any way in the comments below. It really helps me to help all of you if you tell me what you are thinking. If I didn’t fully answer your questions that this article brought up on fall foliage vacation planning then I need to hear from you to make it better!

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