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The fall colors are starting to pick up and this weekend is likely to be getting busy on all roads heading north.  My reporters are picking up more color along the roads in Maine, NH and VT. and even some in CT!!!

Jackson NH is tops in my book, year round!

Today I’m going to recommend Jackson NH as a great  to stop, stay or just explore. The things that put Jackson on my list are:

  • Small village atmosphere
  • Jackson Covered Bridge
  • Raven wood
  • Wentworth hotel
  • shops (lots of shops)
  • Restaurants
  • Pumpkin people
  • Jackson falls also known as Wildcat falls.
The Jackson NH covered bridge straddles the Ellis river

The Jackson NH covered bridge

Exploring Jackson can take from a few minutes to an entire weekend, it all depends on you.  My wife and I love to stop into Ravenwood and just explore while trying to figure out how to get a mermaid into the car… Long story, just go and see for yourself.

This trip I caught a shot of the covered bridge, then got a cream soda out of the old coke machine on the front porch at Flossie’s General Store.

Flossies General Store.

Flossie’s General Store.

Then I had lunch at Yesterdays restaurant which was clean and good prices and the bacon blue cheese burger was outstanding!

I took a short ride up Carter Notch road to Jackson falls. It’s a shot drive up and there is parking for several cars.

Jackson falls or wildcat falls above Jackson NH

Jackson falls or wildcat falls above Jackson NH

Walking along the river is easy and very safe. The water flow wasn’t great on the day I was there but rain has been light this year. There are many benches to sit a spell and just relax.

Later in October you will find pumpkin people all over the place and if you choose to, you can vote for your favorite one. These are created by local businesses and range from a pumpkin sitting there to very elaborate set ups that take days to create.

Jackson as well as Conway are usually peak around 7 Oct and we’ll see if they hold true to form or they peak at the 2-3 like most areas going early into color.

Events this weekend

My Foliage report

Lots of pictures are starting to roll in and I’m going to post their images with where they are.

MJ Perkins shared this to me of the Kancamagus Highway. The west side right after the hairpin turn.

Posted by Michael J. Perkins on Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Chris Whiton didn’t have any images ready for me but his report (minus pics) said:

“Just got back from a romp up to Berlin, Milan, Errol, 2nd College Grant, Atkinson & Gilmanton & Pittsburg. Colors are prime up in Magalloway-land. Overcast all day so not many scenic vistas, but some good waterfall weather.”

The Climate prediction folks are saying the next 8-14 days hold slightly warmer days and below average rain for the region… No real downside there! If we continue to get sunny days the reds will really burst out and the next two weekends will be outstanding…

As always if you have questions please leave the question in the comment on the site. I will answer as fast as I can. If you send a question via email I may lose it under a deluge of other emails that I’m getting.

Also note there is one of me and a whole bunch of you… I’m working it as fast as I can… 🙂

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Fall colors in Jackson NH — 8 Comments

  1. I will be traveling from albany ny to weston vt next weekend to check out the vermont country store and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on some spots to get some good foliage pictures along the way, we will be taking route 7 from ny into vermont and then route 11 to route 100. Do you think the colors will be close to peak in weston? Thanks for any help you can give. Love your site.

  2. Are there any fall foliage in Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island, MA? We will be driving there this fall. We will be leaving the Tampa Bay, FL area on Saturday, October 4, and arriving in Marthar’s Vineyard the next evening. Then we will drive to Hershey, PA for a few days. Any sugestions for good places to see fall foleage in the are of our trip? Thanks for any suggestions. John and Lynda

    • I’m sure they have some fall colors but never having been to either one in the fall makes it difficult. Driving to either one is also difficult. I suggest taking the ferry or flying. I don’t think you can get up enough speed to leap from the Cape to MV or NT.. 🙂
      I think as you drive back through MA you should stay off 90 and look for smaller roads. (if time permits) look at Sturbridge village and the Quabbin reservoir. Also in Stockbridge is the Norman Rockwell museum… You could drive up and catch the Mohawk trail and take that west into NY and across in to PA…
      I hope this helps.

  3. Hi – just thought I’d let you and your viewers know that there is a fall festival in Sugar Hill this weekend 10:00 am to 3:30 pm and concerts at 1:00 pm. There will also be crafts – several booths.

  4. Love your reports – my favorite spot in NH is Jackson also – haven’t been there for 2 years when went with MN company in the pouring rain! (first of OCT.) They loved it anyway and are still talking about it. Am going to miss NH fall foliage this year down here (East Kingston -although, there are some very beautiful colors scattered here and there) as I will be in
    Maryland for the peak. Keep doing what you do – photography of the beauty that surrounds us here in New England just makes me feel good! Priscilla

    • Thanks Priscilla, I will try but this having to have a job thing really cuts into getting out and photographing as much as I would like… I bet I’m not the only one to have this trouble. 🙂

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