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Slaughterhouse Vermont covered bridge

Make the best of New England fall color opportunities

This week I’m covering:

  • New England Event’s for Sept 19-21st
  • Answering a common question about VT itinerary (yes I try to answer all comments) 🙂
    • (and how to get updates if you’re not on Facebook or Twitter)
  • Foliage report for northern NH

New England fall Events

coming up next week
 Wild Mushroom Festival Mystic, CT   Sunday, September 28th
Link to wild mushroom festival blog post (which will link to 2014 events as well) and may provide even more useful info about the event

Answering a common question about VT itinerary

Help! I’m not on Facebook! What is the best way to stay up to date on where the leaves are? I am a Yankee living in TX for 30 years and dying to see some color between Sept 28 and Oct 6, when I fly out of Boston. I’ll be starting in Burlington, VT with a rent car, and no hotel plans so I can stay flexible, as you suggested. Also, if you think of it, would you please add the state when you refer to, say, “Greenville” so it’s easier to figure out where you are talking about?
Your blog is just great, Jeff. I appreciate it so much.
Kate (See answer below map)

Like so many of your questions, Kates answer could be pages long (couldn’t you folks start sending these out in January?) 🙂

Help! I’m not on Facebook! What is the best way to stay up to date on where the leaves are?
Ok, it seems Kate’s first question is easy enough. For those of you not on Facebook or twitter? Really? I’m 55 and I’m on both and I’m on Google plus as +JeffFoliageAutumn where I have a world wide fall foliage community.

Ok baring those, then I would say sign up here for a subscription. Look up on the upper right sidebar. You will see where it says  Post your email to get foliage updates quickly as there are over 500 other subscribers I would say it’s safe to put your email in there. 🙂

Once you do that you will get an excerpt every time I post a new blog post! Home delivery service, how much simpler could it be!

You can visit each of these pages. Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. They also in most cases have a newsletter that you can sign up for.

Colors between Sept 28 and Oct 6th

Northfield's Slaughter House covered bridge. "Cox brook road", "Cox brook", "dog river", "Image by Jeff Folger", "images of Covered Bridges", "Kissing Bridge", "New England covered bridge", "Northfield Falls covered bridge", "Northfield Vermont", "Slaughterhouse Covered Bridge", "Town lattice truss", "Vermont covered bridges", "Wood floor timbers", images by Jeff Folger, Landscape, Travel, Truss, Vermont, vistaphotography

Northfield’s Slaughter House covered bridge

Ok, now as you are landing in Burlington VT to start this vacation I will suggest The Northfield 5. If you enjoy Covered bridges you will love Northfield VT. Home of Norwich University (my Dad graduated from there) and 5 covered bridges all painted red!

You will travel down I-89 from Burlington to Exit 8 which is US-2/VT 12 towards Montpelier. This route to Northfield is 55 minutes and 47.4 miles. You can take any route to get there and many are more scenic. If you are coming in from the North per this route then keep your eyes open for Cox Brook Road.

A view of the lower falls covered bridge from the Northfield bridge

A view of the lower falls covered bridge from the Northfield bridge

Where you will see the Northfield covered bridge come into view. Looking through the bridge you can see the Lower Cox Brook covered bridge and about a half mile further up this road is the upper Cox brook covered bridge.

When you get done with these three, come back out onto Route 12 and continue heading into Northfield. DON’T go too fast as your next right will be the Slaughterhouse rd and covered bridge. (Refer to the map above for my notes on these).

Slaughterhouse Vermont covered bridge

Slaughterhouse Vermont covered bridge

Last but not least. Follow 12 south until it splits into 12/12A. Take 12A until you see stony brook road on the right. A short distance up it will split and you need to take the left fork. About .06 of a mile you will find the last of the Northfield 5 (The Stony Brook covered bridge or also known as the Moseley covered bridge. Also I don’t have this one myself so let me know what you find).

Flexibility in lodging

I don’t think I’ve ever said don’t get reservations so as to stay flexible… But with your dates starting on Sunday through the following Monday I think you’ll be ok except for Fri/Sat. But! as long as you are flexible in your accommodations then you should be ok. Even heading to Burlington which has a vast array of places to stay you should find a bed for the night.

Name dropping and forgetting the states… 🙁

Well you got me there. Greenville is in Maine (North by North-East of Rangeley Lake (also in Maine)). I sometimes forget that there are more than one of these places in New England. I mean I can tell you to go to Salem and you can find New Salem MA, Salem MA, Salem NH, Salem NY and for the guy who showed up at the Salem “MA” visitor’s center and said he couldn’t find his hotel… Only to find that he made reservations in Salem Oregon!  I stand corrected! 🙂

Foliage report for northern NH

Todays fall foliage report comes from Chris Whiton, a photographer friend in Bethlehem NH. Chris says:

“Fall Foliage report from Bethlehem, NH, Tuesday, September 16th.”

Autumn colors are starting to spring up around every corner here in the northern White Mountain region. While still primarily green across the countryside, splashes of yellow, red and orange are appearing on the maples, and the birches are tinted here and there with gold on the leaf edges. Here and there you can find a tree decked out in full autumn finery, but those rouge individuals are few and far between.

Foliage is still in the very early stages, but you can always find a bit here and there if you are looking.

Posted by White Mountain Images by Chris Whiton on Wednesday, September 17, 2014

So, we are still a few weeks from a full spread of colors, but there are still some brilliant hues to see if you are willing to travel around. Sometimes a bit of autumn “frost” on a green tree has a special charm of it’s own. This time of year always has it’s share of surprises!

I took a quick run up to Zealand Pond this afternoon and just got back. Swamp maples are nice and red around the beaver ponds. Quite a bit of color scattered about in the Twin Mountain / Bretton Woods area. Still a week or two away from looking prime, but plenty of close crop compositions out there.

Ok so that is a report as of yesterday and from the looks of it it’s only going to get better! We’re seeing lots of partly to mostly sunny days over the past few weeks so the colors should be bright and plentiful. Keep your fingers crossed! It’s going to be an incredible Autumn”.

Down in Salem a few colorful leaves caught my attention this morning as I walked to work. Please click the image to go to my Facebook fall foliage page. Looking for all the new fans I can get! Share this with everyone!

Some early color here in #Salem caught my attention on my way across the #SalemCommon. Soon the colors will be here in full force and then they will be raining down on us..

Posted by New England Fall Foliage on Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Foliage report for northern NH — 14 Comments

  1. We have friends up in Jefferson, NH and they are saying peak is at least a week away if not more than that due to the warm temps which look as if they are going to continue for at least the next ten days.

    • Hi Bob, your friends in Jefferson will know best. I came through Gorham today (28th) and it was as peak as I’ve ever seen it! simply gorgeous. Their claims of warmer temps seem optimistic. Accuweather says temps during the next 10 days drop into the 60s daytime to upper 30s to low 40s at night… with only a little rain during this time.. sounds about perfect to me… BUT Gorham is just east of Jefferson so I would assume they will be peak some time in the next week. And your friends should be the best to know this… 🙂

  2. Really appreciate your expertise on foliage, Jeff. Which would be the best bet for the Conway/ White Mtn area…Sept. 29/30 or Oct. 6/7? I have my choice of those two time periods to visit the area. Thanks!

    • I tend to go with the later dates just for the simple fact that things may be a bit early today but are bound to slow down and you will be better off catching the middle of peak… Hear that Mother Nature.. Middle of peak 6-7 Oct for the area!!! 🙂

      • It’s Sept 28 today. Do you still hold to the above? Wait until the 7th…or go back to the original date, Sept 30/Oct 1. Don’t want to be a pest, but….. 🙂

        • Well Lori I just came through that area today. From Pinkham notch south on route 16 was was on the green side and at least a week away. So I stick with my previous call. If you were interested in North of Pinkham Notch? then 30th and 1st would be best as they will be going into Peak or high color this week.

  3. HI Jeff, its been a while, but I’m reading your post whenever I get a chance. I fractured my firth metatarsal almost two weeks ago, I’m healing quite nicely, this is not going to stop my dream vacation I have planned for October 17th. Thanks for all the updates, I can hardly wait to see the foliage. Take care!!

  4. Your site has helped so much in our planning to visit New England this fall. We really appreciate it!

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