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Jackson falls New Hampshire

When is peak Autumn foliage in New Hampshire?

This is probably the most asked question that I ran into, right next to when his peak autumn fall foliage in Vermont? Okay, you can also replace Vermont with Maine, Massachusetts, well, you get the point… either way it’s not here yet!

Event this weekend

The Highland games run this weekend at Loon mountain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The event runs from the 19th to the 21st. So if you ever wanted to do a Caber toss then take a run up to Loon MT. here is a link to the Highland Games.

Fall Foliage report for 17 September

This is my foliage report for the White Mountains. I left Salem not so early and drove up I-95 to route 16. From there I enjoyed my ride up to Conway center and then I took the Washington Street turn and snapped a couple of shots of the Sacco and Swift River covered bridges.

Blue cheese and bacon burger for my Foliage report

Blue cheese and bacon burger Calories? Fat grams.. Who cares! I was looking for fall foliage and needed my strength!

From there I continued up to route 302 taking it back to where it joins with 16 N. and ended up to Jackson for lunch. I ate at Yesterday’s restaurant which serves breakfast and lunch all day. I had a blue cheese burger which was quite good.

Jackson falls New Hampshire

Jackson falls New Hampshire

I got back on the road and headed up to Jackson falls stopping for a couple quick pictures and then back onto route 16 and North to Pinkham notch.

Pinkham notch early fall colors

Pinkham notch early fall colors

As you can see in this picture the notch is just starting to get a little color and is still a week to two weeks away from peak fall foliage.

View from Kancamagus overlook

View from Kancamagus overlook

I headed back down 16 passing through downtown North Conway and arrived at the turnoff for route 112, the Kancamagus Highway and decided to stop at the Sacco River Park Ranger station which is an immediate right is you turn onto 112.

I learned they now have a map for the ways to find and get into Pondicherry wildlife reserve (yes I bought one) and they have many more maps for map junkies…

Foliage report

Over all the fall colors are coming along and unless the low temps we got last night and tonight really kick things in motion then we are still only a few days early on the colors.

Lower falls on the Kancamagus Highway alert

(This applies to autumn 2014 only) I learned that the lower falls is shut down for the year with renovation on the parking lot and the information booth. It will be handicap accessible and better drainage when they get done. I continued along the Kanc and stopped at one of the overlooks prior to the hairpin turn.

The colors that were there were pretty bright and we had some fairly dramatic clouds over the mountain view. I would say that if everything goes perfectly we on to see peak fall colors on the Kanc just before 1st of October. good color should be able to be found on the Kanc through the 5th or 7th of October with fading color after that.

Frost versus killing frost?

Every time I turned the radio station yesterday I kept hearing weather reports for killing frost in the mountains. I have talked to several photographers across northern Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine and they’re going to keep their eyes on the higher elevations to see if there was any real damage done.

My guess is that because the trees were very healthy and well watered this summer, this Frost won’t hurt them too much, but! I’ve got people watching to see what happens.

Vermont fall foliage report

The official Vermont website has been having some issues and I don’t know if it was just me or of all of you haven’t been able to get to it either. But I’ve been working with the department heads and they came up with a new URL (listed below) here is the best bets according to the Vermont tourism folks.

 I just got a new website URL for the Vermont foliage reports (URL is at the bottom of the post. They say:
In general, higher elevation areas in the northernmost regions will offer the most
panoramic views of emerging color across the valleys, and many low-lying marsh areas will offer some of the most vivid and varied early season change. Route 108 through Smugglers’ Notch between Stowe and Cambridge is beginning to show color, as are Routes 242 and 100 near Jay Peak; plus Routes 16 and 5A in the Lake Willoughby area. The Worcester Range and Mount Elmore along Route 12 north
of Montpelier are tinged with early color, as are views from Route 14 in the Hardwick and Craftsbury region.

If you have any questions about the fall foliage or what you should be doing or where you should go leave a comment at the bottom of this post and I will do my best to make some time to answer it. I try very hard to answer everybody’s comments in a timely fashion because I know some of you are making reservations based on my opinions.

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Fall Foliage report 4 New Hampshire — 20 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff – how good of you to do this – absolutely amazing photos !!! My husband and I are coming to NH (from New Zealand) for just 5 days – arriving 14 Oct – and it seems we are a bit ‘late’ for the best colours – but hoping there’ll still be ‘something left’ 🙂 We’re driving from Boston to Concord, Franconia, Meredith, Portsmouth and then back to Boston. I’m SO looking forward to this – especially after having seen your photos – so thank you Jeff!!

    • Your best color will be around Boston and Portsmouth. I will say this year has thrown me a couple of curveballs but I think you will find some nice color and there are many festivals and events to explore during the last half of Oct.

  2. Love, love, your site. We are leaving the North Ga mountains for a road trip this Friday. We are hoping for some great color in Stowe and Maine and just enjoying our ride. I will continue to check this site. We have been to New England twice before, but not in a few years. Looking forward to the ride again. Thanks for the work you to do keep us informed.

  3. We are arriving in Boston on Oct 18th and will have a week to explore. We will visit friends in southern Maine for a dy or so. Can you suggest a route that will give us the best colors for those dates?

  4. Flying into Boston on Oct 7 and spending the night. Driving to Bar Harbor on 8th and 9th to do a quick day at Acadia. Then headed to New Hampshire. I actually have reservations at B&B in Fryeburg, ME and plan on driving to see best foliage around in the North Conway to Lincoln area on Oct 10, 11 & 12. Then into Vermont or more southern New Hampshire on 13 & 14 and back to Boston 15 & 16 returning home to TX on 17th. What routes would you suggest for this time?

    • Route 95 all the way north so you don’t take too long getting to Acadia. I would go up to Route 2 and come in this way and either come down route 16 or route 302. You will be the best judge what the north side of the Whites look like as you come through there. You won’t have to wonder IF you should go north if either of those routes only yield bare trees. They may still have nice color if we have no big windy wet storms between the 1st and 9th.

      If you find color on the northern side then explore away route 2 is part of a scenic NH route I posted in August and if the weather stays mild it should be nice. As you move through these days you will probably be moving further south in search of color. Ossipee and Tamworth have nice areas and Route 153 east will take you into a small church on a pond surrounded by color. it also will usually be mist covered. The castle in the clouds can yield wonderful views. and Plymouth NH and route 25 will provide a great route over to farlee. then jump on route 5 coming south to Hanover and WRJ.
      This should give you some areas to look at and if you dig into the side roads you will see lot more possibilities.

  5. Hi Jeff, we will be flying into Boston on October 7th. Then driving to Portland ME. We need to be in North Conway NH on October 9th late evening. Would love any suggestions on this drive. We will be there for 3 nights/4 days and hope to venture out each day. Would love your input. When we leave there we need to be in Boston by the night of the 14th. Hoping for a scenic drive here too.
    Thanks, Mary & Jamie from Louisiana

  6. Jeff, thank you so much for the amount and quality of work you do – can’t tell you how huge a help they are!

    Planning a short trip to New England with my family from Oct 3- Oct 8. The only thing pending is hotel reservations! (challenging to book ahead of time since it is hard to guess where peak color will be). Anyway, here is my *very* rough itinerary, would appreciate feedback from you as I try to wrap up my reading and finalize the reservations! I don’t want to leave it till the last minute since we will be traveling with our little toddler 🙂 I already feel I am a bit late!

    Oct 3 Friday evening: Fly into Boston, stay the night there and rest. (fixed)
    Oct 4: Sat: Drive from Boston to Stowe. take the longer route and drive up Hwy 100 North instead of Hwy 89. Stay @ Stowe?
    Oct 5: Sun: Stay @ Stowe and drive around based on how fall conditions are progressing. (?)
    Oct 6: Drive South or South East depending on Fall conditions. (Drive to NH?)
    Oct 7: Continuation of above ?
    Oct 8: Drive back to Boston and fly back. (fixed)


    Thanks & Regards

    • I think it looks good. I would look at North Woodstock area of NH or even a little further south. Color is starting in many different areas so picking one spot may not be as needed as just picking a spot and then enjoying. But if you choose between woodstock VT and North Woodstock NH you should be good for the 5th-8th time period.

  7. My Wife and I will be traveling for business reasons from the UK to CT in mid october and have a free weekend (17th-20th October) when we plan to seek out some great fall foliage colours. We’re expecting to make our way from Danbury, through Kent, up to Williamstown, drive the Mohawk trail and end up around Deerfild or Amherst before then spending a night somewhere on Cape Cod.
    Are we about right that by then MA will be at its best and it won’t be necessary to head much further north into VT,NH & ME

    • Hi Toby, I think you can do this drive ok but you may drive to far north by hitting the mohawk trail. I think it will still have color but you could drive across the top of CT and RI and stay south of Boston and miss that traffic and you may stay in the fall foliage better.
      If you do hit the Mohawk see if you can hit Erving and the Freight House Antiques… if not enjoy…

  8. Have reservations in Conway area Sept. 30- Oct. 3 (driving from Springfield, MA) and then on to Bar Harbor, Maine Oct. 3-6 and back around to Boston. Any suggestions on routes to these places and best drive once there.

    • Well maria Your early dates in Conway will be nice but stay away from 302 east and the Fryeburg fair unless you want to go to the fair… It is pretty nice. (it closes on the 5th)
      I would plan on heading up Route 16 to Milan state park and in fact check this drive I wrote about.
      Also don’t forget Franconia state park and the Flume gorge bridge which is a great easy hike for most folks. Youmight head west the the Vermont border and Guildhall VT And all of these spots are just a short drive (hour or so…)
      Also pick up a Gazetteer for the areas you’ll travel in as they are great for planning your trip. They show all the covered bridges and lighthouses and many points of interest.

      As far heading to Bah Habah ME.. You are going to have to traverse many different areas but I suggest either travelling out of conway at 5AM to miss most of the traffic on 302 west. or travel down to I-95 and back up that way.
      If possible head up route 1 and go along the coast for many scenic possibilities.

      Once in BA you have Acadia and Bass head lighthouse as a couple possibilities…
      I hope this helps..

  9. I so appreciate your knowledge and photographs….thank you for sharing. My two girlfriends and I are coming from Texas to the area Oct. 16 for a “bucket list” road trip….reading your posts is making such a difference. I am printing out your routes so as we get closer and know what Mother Nature has done this year we won’t miss out. Thank you again.

    • Well you don’t say where you are heading so I assume you’ll be in central VT/NH/ME as this date should mean the colors will be from the middle of those states down into Massachusetts. So you should have a great big broad area to explore.

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