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Foliage report for the Columbus Day Weekend

Jenne farm

Jenne farm

How did all of you do during this long weekend? I saw a rather frustrated message from a guy on my Facebook page saying Mount Snow faded and Alton bay (lake Winnipesaukee) was also faded. Well I got a little worried since I thought around the lake would be good and I was sending all of you there. How did all of you do?

I headed out Thursday morning with Lisa and we travelled up to Lebanon NH. On Friday morning (at o-dark-thirty) we travelled to Reading VT and the Jenne farm at sunrise. Start at Woodstock VT and head south on 106 tot he Jenne Farm road then look for the gaggle of Photographers. Read about the Jenne farm as the most photographed farm in Vermont. Then we travelled south on 106 to 44 and then over to churchill road. Where we found…

What a day! 7 covered bridges and fall foliage!

Bowers covered bridge

Bowers covered bridge

We found two new covered bridges, the Bests Bridge on Churchill road and then a little further along Route 44 was the Bowers covered bridge on Bible hill road and then made our way back to Route 44 and we came at the Cornish-Windsor covered bridge from the Windsor side. Then we crossed the bridge and headed south on 12A and we found two other Covered Bridges, the Dingleton covered bridge was the first on Townhouse road and then further along Townhouse road was the Blacksmith shop covered bridge. Two items to note, first the Blacksmith covered bridge is down below road level on the right side of the car. So going slow is a good thing. Next a mapbook is essential to finding these bridges. Trying to use a portable device (tablet or phone) would take a lot of data because there is no free wifi out in the boonies. Read about the data plan trap that the phone companies would rather you didn’t know about.

We ate lunch at the Potbelly restaurant in Ludlow VT. I had a good blue cheese burger and Lisa had the special and we’d rate is good but not great. After Ludlow we headed to Belmont where they are having a harvest festival the coming weekend.

Cornish-Windsor covered Bridge

Cornish-Windsor covered Bridge

Just down the route 103 from Belmont turns into Maple tree road. How tempting does that sound? I didn’t catch it at peak but I think it did look very nice.

We closed out the day with the Scott Covered bridge in Townsend Vermont, billed as the longest covered bridge in Vermont (both end are in VT so it differs from the Cornish-Windsor covered bridge. and the Dummerston Covered bridge.

My take on the Current state of foliage

I’ve told people in articles and replies to their comments, that they should plan for a fun vacation that they can enjoy and as you go from location to event, if you find great fall colors, then you are the winner!

Maple tree road

Maple tree road

You could make your trip all about covered bridges or hiking several 4,000′ peaks or how many ferris wheels can you find to ride. Either way you need to come here to have fun first and let the fall foliage happen.

I drove from Woodstock VT and spent all day sun up to sundown looking for fall colors and while I did see some color approaching peak, in many cases it was either faded or just not bright. So while I was disappointed in not being able to point out locations for you to find peak fall foliage. I was able to practice what I preach. Go out and find something else to enjoy and be open to the whole fall foliage experience.

I did see very nice color in Belmont and Jamaica Vermont and if historic Deerfield MA can keep the leaves on long enough, that area will be really nice this coming week and the road that passes the Yankee Candle store is at high color and nearing peak.

This day turned into a treasure trove of Covered Bridges that I never had captured before and I think that the pictures I created were just as good than had I found tons of fall colors to photograph. I got to share them with Lisa who is an awesome navigator with a Delorme map and better than most GPSs, together we explored, held hands and shared a wonderful day together.

Fully successful day!

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