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Fall Foliage Report 9, Oct 2014 — 20 Comments

  1. Jeff,

    Back in Connecticut. Just saw beautiful near peak to mostly peak foliage traveling west from Southington to Waterbury on Route 84. About a 20 mile drive. Foliage was moderate to near peak traveling south on Route 8 from Waterbury to Bridgeport. Who knew all I had to do was stay in Ct for the peak foliage. Went all over NH for four days and saw nothing like this.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    You asked me to write you when I returned from my Insight fall foliage tour. We went Oct.1-8. I got lucky that peak was early this year. The trip and leaves were spectacular. I saw hillsides of color and the brightest trees ever! They schedule lots of activities and take you to beautiful places in four states. Some areas were before peak, some at peak, and saw a few bare trees. Some of the brightest trees were mixed in everywhere. I loved the short hikes in the woods to small waterfalls, and the covered bridges, visited historic places, and tasted our way through New England. I highly reccommend it.

  3. Hello! This is my second year here in New England (Boston area), and I’m trying to find a great area for this Thursday-Friday (Oct 16-17) to see peak foliage, something along the lines of Butch’s beautiful picture of Leffert’s Pond, Chittenden VT. Is it already late for that area? Does anyone have any suggestions for a rookie leaf peeper during this time? Thanks in advance!

    • Well rookie leaf peeper, hi…
      A front is moving into New England on this Thursday 🙁 amd it’s bringing strong winds and rain. Ok newbie what is the probable outcome of this weather event? I hope you have a few days.
      My wife says Wilmington and Reading MA is looking real nice and I have yo hope the leaves stay on but we will know more on Friday. I think southern NH and northern MA will be you best bet over the next week. I hope you have read my many articles and have planned some fun activities. Let me know how it goes…

      • Thank you for the suggestions! The rain kept us from traveling on Thursday, but there is still some nice foliage in the Western suburbs of Boston (Waltham, Cambridge Reservoir and Walden Pond) that we got to enjoy.

  4. I was just up in the white mountains from Oct 6th thru 10th this year and did not see anything even near peak anywhere. We went south of Conway and saw a few spots with a bit of peak color, but that was it. When we were traveling north to get to Franconia Notch from CT we saw very little color on the way up and on the way home it was the same thing. So if the color basically travels north to south where is it. Last year and the year before we went the last week of Sept into the first week of Oct. I don’t ever remember having this much trouble finding colorful trees. I understand what your saying with the rain shortage and the temps having positive and negative effects on the leaves, but we had those same problems ten years ago, but I always saw color just about every time I went up there. I haven’t said wow in years. The NH weatherman came on the news and spoke of leaf drop in the north woods of NH this year which is the same thing they said last year about the north. So I’ll just keep reciting the I missed peak anthem, “It’s even beautiful without the leaves”. Liar.

  5. I have been going to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for years to see the foliage. If there is one thing I have noticed over the last few years is that it seems the leaves just fall off the trees in many areas with little or no color. If you go online to check and see where the peak color the people who are posting the information seem to be living in another state. I can’t tell you how many times I have traveled to certain areas based on what the local chamber of commerce says or some hotel and you get there and the leaves have been gone for over a week while they are saying it’s near peak color where they are. I realize there is a lot of money to be lost if the trees are bare, but it is so annoying getting there and finding nothing. I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this, but it has been a long time since I have seen the breath taking colors of ten + years ago. Maybe I just have bad timing.

    • Well Bob this is one reason I do what I do. I have people that I trust to pass me information and I as time allows go to many places that are being called “peak” and I make my own judgement. The chambers have a duty to their businesses. When I call someone, I will call the library because they don’t have an agenda or allegiance to tourism. I try very hard to be accurate in my calls. This past report you’ll notice I didn’t mention finding peak or posting any report from anyone saying they found peak. I did find nice color in Woodstock and the hills above the woodstock covered bridge had pretty hills above it but not peak…
      The Jenne was 90% of peak and the nicest seen on Friday…
      The reader map at Yankee has the same issue of either reports that are fictitious or just over stated as peak. but it’s the best they can do.

      As far as the leaves dropping fast… I believe this is a product of a summer where northern New England was 3-5 inches below on rainfall and when this happens the leaves have a soft connection to the tree and light wind and rain do tremendous damage to our peak colors.
      In 2013 we had rain early in the summer so we did pretty good and 2012 we had serious drought but awesome fall colors and on 3-4 Oct we had light rain and the peak colors came down and we had to wait for the colors to develop again.

    • Boy do I agree with you. The state reports are more misleading than helpful. I have been following Jeff for years as he can be relied on. Thank you Jeff! Regards, Bren.
      Ps I was up in Williamstown MA today. Very pretty. Peak in several areas of college town. Also go to Clark Institute for a colorful walk through their trails. Especially the pasture scenic trail. Nicely peaked!

  6. Very nice color today on Interstate 90 Mass Pike from Palmer to Worcester. Also on interstate 84 in northern ct from Tolland to Union. Vibrant oranges and reds mixed with some green. Ct State Rt 190 from Stafford to Union also nice.

  7. Yesterday between Pittsfield and Shelburne Falls, colors very nice along route 8. Route 8a also peaking or a little past. Very scenic routes!

  8. Just came back from Vermont central thru southern. Colors very muted. Only yellows showing. Massachusetts from North Adams to Stockbridge dull. Some spots of nice color. Few reds. Mostly yellow, brown. No intense color anywhere! State reports very misleading.

    • I agree Bren I saw very good color at dawn at the Jenne farm in Reading VT. but it was hit or miss from there. I stopped at a bunch of new covered bridges that I added to my collection. I didn’t see much in the way of reds today.

  9. Do you think there be foliage left on Sunday in massachusetts after the rain? I am going camping this weekend in southern mass.

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