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Fall colors arrive at the Jenne Farm

Well Lisa and I mad reservations in W. Lebanon NH in a small motel for Friday…  Let’s just say saving money (and it was still 97$) didn’t get us as clean as I would like.

5AM came way too early on Friday and Lisa and I (She’s a great trooper, BTW) made our way to join the throng of photographers at the Jenne farm. Maybe I should call it a murder of photographers.

Let me explain... These images are all taken from the same hill-top. Most photographers gravitate to the hill above the farm. So you add 30+ photographers all trying to get what they feel is the best spot and you are bound to get some conflicts.

Jenne farm at dawn in October

Jenne farm at dawn in October

What had me confused is this. I don’t see 1 or 2 spots for making a winning image of the farm. I see 30 or more angles. I shot from all the others spots where the main group of photographers did not have staked out.

It seems they are afraid of moving and missing the perfect light situation. I took a chance and photographed the farm from one side of the hill to the other, always respecting each photographers line of sight.

Jenne farm in fall foliage in Vermont's Reading Vermont.

Jenne farm in dawns early light

Then another photographer moved directly in front of a photographer who had been standing in one spot since I got there and when he complained, the newcomer stated he had been there since 5:30AM.

I guess he thought that he owned the spot or any spot because he got there early. I should have asked him if he made a donation. You see there is red donation box on the hill and I put 20$ in.

Jenne farm at dawn in October

Jenne farm at dawn in October


As soon as I did a bunch of out of town photographers noticed and came over. About 8-10 of them reached into their pockets and started putting money in the box.

Let me know what you think! Even though I couldn’t squeeze in where they group had staked out their view, I was able to go all over the hill top to explore different vantage points. I think I got several good shots.

Getting to the Jenne Farm

Take Route 4 into Woodstock Vermont and then catch Route 106 south out of town. About 6 or so miles on the right you will see the Jenne road sign. Climb this dirt road hill to the other side and get in line with the rest of the folks.

Good foliage hunting!

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Stormy weather due in on Thursday

Well it was bound to happen. A strong cold front is moving into New England this Thursday and this is the last thing we want. I’ll try to get out this Friday and do a BDA (Battle Damage Assessment).

This could be the end of significant color until we get many days of sunny weather. You can tune in this weekend to see what I and others are finding and the fastest way to get an update is to hit my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter (@foliage_reports).

Lisa says the road she goes to work on is nearly peak and if you get off I-95 in Massachusetts at exit 40 head past Wilmington to Reading MA. If my wife says it’s nearly peak then its probably better than peak.

Also you might try the Saugus Iron works as I think the colors are due to be peak this weekend or well on the way there… Unless the storm steals them all away…. 🙁

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Jenne Farm, Vermont’s most photographed farm — 6 Comments

  1. Nice shots Jeff, I think the problem is everyone uses a wide angle lens on the scene from the Hill, I know when I get to the farm I am going to use my long glass to get some different angles and views.

    • Actually I use a 24-105 so with crop factor about 31- 128+/- and this allows me to get the leading lines. of the road down to the barns and house. I think your idea of switching it up with more glass is interesting and I can’t wait to see the results. 70-200 should allow you to stay in the county more or less

  2. Just as Jeff Sinon said above, I have not gone there for that very reason. I don’t want a shot everyone else is tryin to get. The shots you got are good. Nice to think oitside the box.

  3. Nice article Jeff. Those first two images are exactly why I’ve never been to the farm. I look at it as an “inland Nubble Light.” As for shooting from the one angle on the hill. That’s where so many good shots online have been made from, so the “sheep” want to make theirs there too. I will admit that the herd mentality is very hard to avoid when shooting such an iconic location. You’re almost drawn to certain compositions.

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