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Jenne Farm, Vermont’s most photographed farm — 6 Comments

  1. Nice shots Jeff, I think the problem is everyone uses a wide angle lens on the scene from the Hill, I know when I get to the farm I am going to use my long glass to get some different angles and views.

    • Actually I use a 24-105 so with crop factor about 31- 128+/- and this allows me to get the leading lines. of the road down to the barns and house. I think your idea of switching it up with more glass is interesting and I can’t wait to see the results. 70-200 should allow you to stay in the county more or less

  2. Just as Jeff Sinon said above, I have not gone there for that very reason. I don’t want a shot everyone else is tryin to get. The shots you got are good. Nice to think oitside the box.

  3. Nice article Jeff. Those first two images are exactly why I’ve never been to the farm. I look at it as an “inland Nubble Light.” As for shooting from the one angle on the hill. That’s where so many good shots online have been made from, so the “sheep” want to make theirs there too. I will admit that the herd mentality is very hard to avoid when shooting such an iconic location. You’re almost drawn to certain compositions.

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