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Pumpkins lined up across the landscape for the Cilley Hill pumpkin festival

Autumn’s foliage ending in New England… BUT!

Night falls at Cilley Hill as the sky darkens and the pumpkins come to life!

Night falls at Cilley Hill for their pumpkin glow

The days are growing short and Halloween is in a few days. This season has been a tough one, with cold temperatures starting our color change early. But as we’ve seen, the color may start early but it never seems to change all at the same time.

This results in what we saw this year. brilliant color more spotty than normal. Then in one area or another the trees more or less got their act together and we had peak fall color. But all the trees that started early finished early which shortened the period of peak foliage.

Late autumn foliage colors of  a scub oak as I hold my fall foliage mug up for comparison

late autumn foliage colors of red and orange oaks

Like many of you I’ve been scratching my head, watching the fall foliage season unfold. First it started early and then it slowed down. In early October the rains started and then the winds and they wouldn’t stop! This is of course the bane of the peak autumn foliage colors. Once the colors hit their brightest, they are at their most vulnerable!

In my yard I have a patchwork of colors ans the remaining leaves provide dots of color. I have a maple that towers over the rest of the brush and it has only started to turn… If we would get a week of sun instead of rain, I think it would turn glorious!

If it turns, I’ll post some pics of it.

 Pumpkin festivals

We all heard what happened with the stupid children who ruined the Keene Pumpkin festival but if you will be going out tonight (30th) or tomorrow night (31st) to the Cilley Hill Pumpkin festival in Jericho Vermont, I would love it if you would post some pictures to my Fall Foliage Facebook page.

Winner from

Earlier this month I sent out an email to a winner about a wonderful prize… but never heard back so this time I’m trying this. If this is your email begins with lealro10@… You will of course be able to post your response to my email jeff.foliageATgmaildotcom (I think you can figure out what needs to be changed)

If you have trouble with that then leave me a note in the comments (down below) with your email and as I will be the only one to see it, it will be safe to post your email address and name. From there I will get your mailing address so I know where to send the gift. (I hope this works)

I picked up a few gifts in my limited travels through the autumn foliage and I will be giving them away IF I can figure out how contact folks without ending up in the spam folder. I would love to get a picture back of you posing with your prize!

Think Positive! only 327 days until the first day of Autumn Foliage in 2015! 🙂

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The last vestiges of autumn foliage — 1 Comment

  1. Jeff,
    Thank you for your dedication and the quality of information from this blog. I had a 4 day weekend towards the end of October with the purpose of flying from home (California) to New England for the fall foliage. It is hard to determine ahead of time where to go and how to plan. Your blog and links allowed me to make last minute reservations in eastern CT, and we hit the Quiet Corner and central MA with good timing. We had a great weekend, got some decent pictures

    Much thanks to your hard work!!

    By the way, California also has a good abundance of fall foliage spread over a very large area, and, therefore, a fairly large time span. I have done the Mono Lake area, but the northern Sierra foothills is also supposed to be very nice.


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