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back road with fall foliage creating a tunnel of Vermont fall colors

This is my 2-3 Oct New England foliage report.

I started the day at 3AM and was out the door and on the road by 3:45. I saw first light arrive when I was getting near my destination. I was on Route 125 and every 50 feet or so a tree would come into view that made me want to stop and capture it but I was late meeting photographer Jane Ogilvie.

We drove all over her stomping grounds for most of the morning. From the Robert Frost farm to the Snow Bowl ski area as we went in search of elusive peak fall color.

The reason I say elusive is the in many areas there were trees that were either green (not turned) or worse yet, they had dropped all their leaves or (not so bad) had turned a rust colored orange (hard frost damage is my guess). So we kept searching and by 11 we headed back so she could let her dog out.

As you can see, even though I didn’t find “Peak fall foliage”, I think the images turned out pretty good. So when you hear people say they didn’t find “peak” and they are still in search of peak, they may not need to search for the “Peak”. Near enough, to me, is good enough. 🙂

Stowe church set against fall colors to help with zone planning

Stowe church set against fall colors caught nearly at peak

The rest of the afternoon I headed up towards my goal of arriving in Stowe to photograph the church against the hill.

I had a couple of shots that I wanted this year. I wanted a better shot of the church in Stowe and I wanted the last covered bridge in Northfield. I call these the Northfield 5 because they all lie within a few miles of each other. Really the Stoney Brook Covered Bridge is several miles south of town but it’s close enough for Government work.

photographers in Stowe Vermont

photographers in Stowe Vermont

I arrived in Stowe and was amazed by the lack of traffic. On 2 October 2013 it took me almost 30 minutes to cross the town.

Today traffic was light. I pulled into the parking lot right off 108 where it seems I’m not the only one who wanted a view of the church.

There were 20 or so other “photographers” with everything from cell phones to medium format cameras with digital backs, all were snapping away.

This weekend and beyond

I just heard from John Rowe a photographer up in Island Pond in the North East Kingdom and he says the NEK is past peak and fading with many rust colored oranges and golds. If the heavy rain comes in, then most likely this will become a carpet of rust and gold by tonight.

I’m afraid much of the White Mountains will be the same way. Folks are passing me updates on my New England Fall Foliage page on Facebook. The foot of Mount Washington except for a lone scarlet red tree is rust colored also.

Where will the color be?

back road with fall foliage creating a tunnel of Vermont fall colors

back road with fall foliage creating a tunnel of Vermont fall colors

After the Saturday rain we’ll know more but from what I saw yesterday along the Connecticut river, that would be a good drive since the trees were mostly green above the river.

There were many that were gold to rust so there will be holes but if we get enough sunny days over the next week, they should turn and give us a ribbon of color along the river.

I hit incredible color in southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts on Friday afternoon. It wasn’t a wall of color and more like one tree in 3 had turned on the color and I’m surprised I didn’t see a few accidents. The colors were incredible in the afternoon sunshine and even when the clouds moved in they were still very bright.

Saturday and Sunday drives

Today, Oct. 3, Mount Washington Auto Road entrance.

Posted by Jeff Watkins on Friday, October 3, 2014

I would take a ride along the Mohawk trail or Route 9 in southern Vermont or Route 101 in New Hampshire and Visit Peterborough or even Dublin NH, the home of Yankee Magazine.

Give away for my loyal readers!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and in my next blog post I’m going to be giving away some gifts for my loyal readers. All you have to do is be a subscriber to my blog and reply to my email if I pull your email address. I hope you gave a good email address when you subscribed!


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Robert Frost to Stowe VT — 11 Comments

  1. Do you remember which road you were on where you took the picture of the foliage tunnel, by chance? Thanks!

    • As I answered somewhere before, the road is up in the Green mountains off of route 125 just as you clear the top and are heading down the other side towards Middlebury. but the road name wasn’t collected.

  2. Traveled from woodstock via rte 4 and 100. Got about 15 miles past killing ton on rte. 100 n. No color or faded color became discouraged with color and turned around. Headed back 100s to 4e. Hung a right at Bridgewater Crossing rte 100a. Color along the road was fair but nothing spectacular. Reds are either gone or past. Yellows are faded but still offered nice contrast to greens on this beautiful sunny day. Followed routes through Ludlow and on to Weston. We decided to take a different path into Weston down from Ludlow. We picked up no. Andover rd off rte. 100 and followed it to north hill rd. and continued to it’s end at Weston Andover rd. this side road dead ends into Andover Weston rd. i it’s unpaved but in great shape. It’s a great scenic road whether there’s color or not. The sun played on the leaves and made it seem like we were driving along with Robert Frost. Not great color but scenically spectacular. We went to Weston, did our damage at VT Country store and reversed direction. We decided to go through Chester and Springfield hoping that the color would improve. We followed rte 11e to rte 103n through Chester. No such luck. Brown and down or faded. To make this short. We followed rte’s to rte 5n. We followed rte 5 paralleling the ct. River as suggested through Wethersfield, Windsor and Hartland. We encountered only a few splashes of color. We then took town farm hill rd. that we picked up at the skunk hollow tavern in Hartland four corners. Great back road. Lots of scenery mediocre color. The scenery more than compensated for the slack of color. In short, color appears to be very limited from Woodstock to Weston and northward along rte 5. To Woodstock.

    Question. How.far south or east do we have to go for color at this pt. we’ve talked to locals along the way. They are saying that color was at least 1 1/2 weeks early.


    • I’ve seen a few reports for Woodstock and the Jenne Farm in Reading VT and they indicate its a bit early there in that some of the trees are a bit green yet. The micro climates (can’t think of a better term as of now) have been selectively affecting different areas at different times but over all I think the early factor is more like 3-7 days early BUT! only in certain spots…
      I saw a shot from Meredith NH today and the color is about 50% towards peak with bright colors and that is only a day or two early and it should be peaking around this weekend.. depending on the rain…

      I would be looking at Rutland and points south in VT
      In NH, I would be anywhere from Ossipee and Tamworth south
      In Maine I would be south of Rangeley south out to the coast.

      Also MA and the Mohawk trail seems to be in fine color, maybe not peak but bright in spots.

      I hope this helps!

  3. Do you think the gaps in vt are past peak? Thinking of going as far as Addison. In vt today & tomorrow.

  4. I see from this update that it would probably be best not to stray too far north at this point if I am chasing peak. I am planning a trip to Vermont for next weekend (9th-12th), so I was wondering how far is too far north?

    I was hoping to explore one or more of the following areas: Stowe, Montpelier, Manchester, Waitsfield, Woodstock. I would really appreciate your input to steer me in the right direction. Thank you so much!

    • Sorry Anri, I think Mother Nature is taking the leaves up north faster than you will get there. I think you will be in MA and CT and RI… That is my best guess.

  5. Waiting for 2maros report as we r planing Whr to go to catch peak colors in NH or Varmont..hope this rain will not harm colors much..


    • Hi Carolyn, I’ll get a report tomorrow from Woodstock but I think you’d be best served by looking south. Follow route 5 along the Connecticut river valley. Route 101 west to Peterborough out to Keene and Chesterfield…

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