Best fall pictures! What do they mean to you?

The fall colors over Adamsville Rhode Island

Fall colors of Rhode Island

Well I just put a log on the fire next to me and while the temperatures outside are not conducive to thinking ahead to the 2015 New England fall foliage season, it does have me reminiscing  about  my past “best fall pictures“.

Art Prints Whether I’m thinking about the events in autumn like the Deerfield fair or my best autumn pics,  they all revolve around my best autumn memories. I’d be lying if I said I’m only out to enjoy the fall vistas. At least a part of my focus of my autumn journeys are to make at least a few images that people would enjoy on their walls, like this sugarhouse in autumn on FAA

Our autumn memories

Carpet of red maple leaves

Carpet of red maple leaves

I think many of you remember walking on a fall afternoon with your feet ankle-deep in crisp leaves. Most all of you just had the same thought, I bet you’re thinking back to your own unique fall memory, where you can hear the swish of your feet through the leaves. I bet you can remember the urge to kick your foot out in front of you. The leaves flying up with your foot, only to fall back to the ground.

These are a couple of my favorite images which is to say, memories. The question for me is to choose from all the memories I’ve accumulated.

Henniker Covered bridge in Henniker, New Hampshire

Henniker covered bridge

Henniker covered bridge, The New England College built the Henniker covered bridge back in the 70s and today it allows students to cross from campus housing to classes.

Travel up I-93 to I-89 and when you see the signs for Henniker prepare to get in the left lane since the highway exit is on the left. Follow your GPS or the signs into the downtown and you will find the New England College. They built the Henniker covered bridge back in the 70s and today it allows students to cross from campus housing to classes. I first saw this view of the covered bridge as a reader submission to Yankee Magazine. It became my mission to locate it which I did and create my version that you see here. Leave a comment if you want to know how to get this view with the stone arch. This is a link to the Henniker covered bridge on my Fine Art Gallery.

Kinsman Notch and the Beaver Pond

Peak fall colors on the beaver pond on lost river road. This is on the western edge of New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Peak fall color reflection at dawn

Back in 2008 I decided that instead of travelling the Kancamagus highway from Lincoln New Hampshire, I would head west towards Woodstock New Hampshire (not to be confused with Woodstock Vermont).

This led me to finding the Beaver pond in the shadow of Kinsman Notch. Well, it took four more years for me to keep visiting this spot in search of the perfect conditions and finding peak fall foliage. Dawn on the 2nd of October found me waiting as the sun came up over the Kinsman Notch and the White Mountains.

This is Kinsman Notch and is the western most of the major notches in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Kinsman Notch lies directly along the route of the Appalachian trail as it winds its way from Mount Katahdin in Maine. To locate the spot read this article: Read this article for directions and recommendations on shooting.

This image of the beaver pond at Kinsman Notch has had over 7,000 views on my Fine Art Gallery and you can view it by following this link to Beaver pond, foliage reflection.


 A rainy morning and fall foliage reflections on a dirt road

A New England fall foliage reflection of the golden leaves in the puddles on the dirt road.

A rainy morning in Sugar Hill New Hampshire

Back in 2008 I left the foggy morning on the beaver pond and continued to explore route 116 and found myself on this dirt road. It may have been Toad Hollow road but I can’t be sure. If you take Route 112 and follow the different roads up into Sugar Hill, you are bound to find this scenic dirt road and many more.

You can view this image by following this link to my fine Art Gallery and A rainy morning in Sugar Hill.  Don’t forget to head south out of Sugar Hill on Route 117 and stop at Polly’s Pancake House… NOT to be missed at any time of day!

Please leave comments on where or what you’d like to have written about next…

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Best Fall Pictures-fond memories — 4 Comments

    • I wish I could say I invented it but I was inspired by another photographer who shared it with the world… But I did finally discover where in New England it was taken… Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do, find where a shot is… Many photographers don’t like to give up their secrets.

  1. Hi Jeff, I especially liked the information about (and photo of!) Kinsman Notch, particularly that it’s the westernmost of NH’s major notches. The notches (“cloves” we call them in the Catskills) are geographically and historically important, and, as you’ve proved here, they are prime photographic material. Thanks for this great article.

    • Kinsman notch and the Beaver pond is definitely one of my favorites to visit early in the morning and just after dawn if possible. The earlier you may find it a mirror like reflection and a foggy misty morning is just as good as a sunny morning (IMHO) Also Tom Schoeller caught it at sunset with a red and pink sky and it doesn’t suck at that time either… 🙂 Art Prints

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