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Flume gorge covered bridge

Fall Foliage – Franconia Notch New Hampshire

The Flume covered bridge in New Hampshire's Franconia state park.

New Hampshire fall colors in Franconia state park

You can say “Franconia Notch”, and many leaf peepers will simply nod their heads as they remember their hikes into Franconia State Park.  It’s also known as the home of the Flume Gorge covered bridge and while any time of the year is good to photograph it, the fall foliage season is best. (IMHO)

It’s when the New England fall colors are at their peak that the Flume Gorge covered bridge is at it’s most picturesque. I’ve tried for it a couple of times and neither time was what I would call “peak” but I would say, last time was pretty darn good. (with a bit of post processing)

This series of images of the Flume Gorge covered bridge were taken on 1 October 2013 and the morning started of cold as I met another photographer at the Franconia State Park parking lot, at 0630. The first thing you should note is that the park doesn’t open till 9AM (0900hrs) so we made our way in on one of the many trails and at the end of the hike we exited through the visitors center and we paid our admission fee then. (You are supposed to pay up front) 🙂

Ben had a map on his phone so he could see where we were and where the Flume Gorge covered bridge was. There are many trails through there and most are unmarked so going through the visitor center and getting a trail map is a good thing.

Other views of the Flume Gorge covered bridge

One thing I always tell people is that like any 3 dimensional object, a covered bridge has many sides or angles to photograph. Even at that people will time and again shoot the Flume Gorge covered bridge from straight off the opening. Many will walk around it or through it. As you can see below I caught a few different angles. Not all are winners but walking a few more feet may be the winning composition that proves to be a great selling image.

Other opportunities to photograph in Franconia notch

The Pine Sentinel Covered Bridge from the end of the walkway. Trees rise above it in golden yellow and green in the dawns early light.

the average view…

There is another bridge of note in Franconia state park and that is the Sentinel covered bridge. But before you get too excited, I need to say that this is a covered walking bridge. But it is so photogenic, I have to include it.

You can read the history on Google or Wikipedia but the short story is this. A huge pine tree fell over the gorge and they made a former bridge from it. 🙂

Now here is the trick. The first image is the view straight on from the end. If you want the winning image then go back the path a little and you will see a steep set of steps down. From here on the lower platform you will see this view. Art Prints

This is the best view (again IMHO) and I think you would enjoy this view on your wall at home. To this end I of course offer this a wall print for that purpose. And because you are one of my faithful readers you should know that I have a code just for readers of this blog and my facebook page. You can get any of my artwork for 15% off with this code  (YBMBHG) that I have on FAA. (Good till December 2015)

Or you can follow my instructions and take the image yourself and get it printed and framed and hang it on your wall for yourself!

Questions? leave me a comment!

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