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Our winner for the January contest was Jessica Worland of California. She choose one of the hats and this month I want you to look over the image at right because down in front there are three colorful maple leaves visible.

Well the two on the outside are real New England pressed leaves and the one in the middle is a Real leaf dipped in iridescent copper. I bought two and gave one away last fall so this is the last one, so when it’s gone…

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Just so everyone knows I pulled a subscribers email address on Wednesday (Hey Angel! at least that is in their email address) and now it’s up to them.

Fall Foliage in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut

Today we’re going to visit the nutmeg state, Connecticut and the quiet corner. Around mid-October I start thinking about my southern routes for fall foliage and the quiet corner of Connecticut. The perfect scenic drive is Route 169 which is a nice leisurely “days” drive. You can start in Southbridge Massachusetts (near Old Sturbridge Village, link with map here) and follow it south into Connecticut and to the end point in Norwich Connecticut. Its only a very short 47 miles but I’ve never driven it, in one complete scenic drive. I always get side-tracked and I mean always… 🙂

Today I’m going to show you some fall foliage images of Brooklyn, (no,… NOT NY) Brooklyn CT is about half way down Route 169 and is just south of Pomfret CT. No matter where you pick up 169 you will find little villages along the way to photograph historic homes and churches against a back drop of fall color, run rampant.

A maple tree all in it red and orange fall foliage colors in the quiet corner

A tree fully peak top to bottom

Brooklyn Connecticut

At the intersection of Routes 6 and 169 you will find the town of Brooklyn and at this junction is the Unitarian church. It is a stately old church that started as a Meeting house and I have been there many times.

Generally I’ve gotten there around 21-23 October but in 2013 I got there on 16 October and I was finding color was past or not yet started and in a few rare cases, I found a “perfect”, solitary  tree showing peak fall color.

If you see my fall foliage reports showing autumn turning into a cool Sept and signs of early color again I would arrive in CT around the 15th and see what you find.

a Maple with a few orange and red leaves still on it allow you to see the churches steeple with the blue sky surrounding it

Most important tip! limited Brooklyn CT fall foliage didn’t mean no picture opportunities, it meant getting out of the car and exercising my body and mind (read about it in the article)

The Unitarian church is a tall example of a late 18th century meeting-house with a tall white steeple. The meeting-house on the green was erected in 1771. Brooklyn was incorporated as a town shortly after the war of independence in 1786. I’ve photographed the church several times over the years but only in 2008 was I happy(ish) with the fall colors I found there. This day I had Globe writer, Michael Blanding along with me to document what a day searching for fall foliage is like for Jeff foliage.

Mike and I walked around and when we got back to the truck he said that we should move on since so little color was here. I said quite to the contrary and showed him this shot in my camera screen (I love digital) and he said he never would had seen that view… 🙂

Sept 2013 street view from Google maps with early color.

Sept 2013 street view from Google maps with early color.

I was looking at Google maps in street view and today the street view is set for Sept 2013 and to see how early the color was and why when I got down there on the 22nd of Oct, why I didn’t see a lot.

One problem I have is that I’m always trying a new direction and I want to stay off the main roads. Well I just found that a little under 4 miles east on Route 6 would drop me in Danielson CT and there is a rail-trail there.  The Quinebaug River Trail starts at the southern end of the fivemile pond which turns into the fivemileriver as it joins the Quinebaug River. You’ll see a link under the trail which will give you an idea of the 4 mile walk. If you wondering how I know about this then it’s time I let you in on a secret… Shhhh don’t tell a soul! this is a secret…

Quinebaug River Trail

Quinebaug River Trail

This is an organization that fights for legislation towards keeping our railtrails and scenic routes funded. They have tons of maps and to see a map like the one here you will need to register (its free). The downside is that they will send you emails on what Capitol Hill is doing both for and against our scenic walking trails across the country and ask you to help them…

This is not too terrible a cause to receive emails about but you could always register with a junk (throwaway) email address (or one you don’t monitor). But you need to get email there to get the registration info and activation. After that it’s up to you.

In conclusion how you explore the Quiet Corner of Connecticut is up to you. I’ve been biting off little pieces and finding new and wonderful places every time I come down here. I’ve got more places to write about like Woodstock and Thompson and hopefully this autumn I’ll get back down there and find some more things to tell you about?

Maybe you have a recommendation for me to visit? A great B&B that was stellar? Please post it in the comments for all to see!

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Fall Foliage in the Quiet Corner — 4 Comments

  1. Jeff, try the lower Connecticut River Valley, near Old Saybrook and Essex. Quaint towns with ponds, rivers and gently rolling hills dot the landscape. Also the Essex Steam train runs through there during the fall, great shots to be trackside and on the train

      • Well Jeff, I would place my bets on 10/18-20. That is what the foliage forcaster on the Yankee website says. I’ve found that to be the case. Of course all that depends on what the weather does. 😉

        • Are you talking Jim Salge or the computer (flash) simulation? The flash sim, I link to but it is about the same as it has been since I was their blogger. It’s a starting point but they don’t make changes to it. And you are 100% correct, the temps and rain we get from 1 Oct to 15 Oct determine what the next few weeks in CT and RI will be like.

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