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My Favorite Massachusetts Fall Colors

We just passed into February and winter has us firmly in her grip. Snow has been shoveled up in piles or small mountains from the New England Blizzard of 2015. Heck, we got + or – 25 inches and we still have Feb and March to get through. 🙁

Well, as I sit here trying not to think about the shoveling that I could/should be doing, I’m instead, procrastinating by sitting at the computer and looking at the Massachusetts fall colors that I’ve accumulated! (More than a decade now)

I was asked by a friend (Hong Zhang) in my Google Plus fall foliage communityWhy do I (Jeff Foliage) want to hasten autumns arrival?” He then said “I thought one of the reasons that fall foliage is precious, is it happens only in a short window of each year.

My response was “because like most people, I miss it terribly when it’s gone and I look forward to the build up to it. I enjoy everything in between but the slow slide into autumn with the first ears of sweet corn on a farm stand or the first morning of sitting on my deck with my cup of coffee and watching the steam rise off of it. And realizing the sumac leaves are tingeing red… It is just such a sweet memory to look forward to!

Here is my bucket list of Massachusetts fall colors I look forward to each fall.

A ribbon of road runs off in to the distance between rows of autumn colored maples. This is my bucket list to accomplish each autumn

My yearly bucket list, are any of these yours?

Since I’ve been enjoying going through all my memories of autumns past, I thought I share a few. Today I’m going to see if you enjoy a few Massachusetts scenic location. I’ve been going through old folders that I had forgotten about and it’s like a bit of Christmas because I’m able to explore that particular day over again.

Here are a few images from my explorations through the Massachusetts fall colors that I think you might enjoy.

Golden maple tree showing off it's Massachusetts fall colors For the middle of October and Massachusetts fall colors, I will suggest Hardwick. Hardwick Massachusetts is Southwest of the Quabbin Reservoir (always a great stop in and of itself).  As you can see in my image, its a cloudy day. While I was there it didn’t rain and I was quite happy because with out the bright contrasty sun, I got all this saturated golden goodness in the town park.

Next is Western Massachusetts

The massachusetts fall colors just climb the hills on either side of the Mohawk Trail

Massachusetts fall colors

My wife and I love to take drives out along Route 2 which is the Mohawk trail.  You will pass several small towns like Erving which if you want to stretch your legs, it might be good to stop at The Freight House Antiques. In addition to old things they have a lunch counter that will have you thinking you just stepped into a Norman Rockwell painting. Getting back on the road to the west, you will enjoy the next few miles of twisty turns. You will soon arrive at Florida which surprisingly has more color than you would think given it name! But this Florida has the Mohawk trail running past it and there are several spots to pull over and catch a few shots. The Massachusetts fall colors just climb up the walls of the surrounding hills.

Well that is it for today, I hope you enjoyed this little journey in a few of my favorite fall foliage spots in New England

This is another article I wrote about Massachusetts in the fall, I hope you enjoy.

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Massachusetts fall colors — 5 Comments

  1. Jeff, regarding your bucket list, the only thing I would add to it would be steam trains in the Autumn Fall Foliage. Can’t beat that at all. As for locations in Massachusetts I really love the Grafton, Upton, Hopedale area of Massachusetts. Rolling hills, farms, quaint little town centers and a railroad that I have a visitor pass for.

    • We’re going to have to meet up this fall to find and photograph some of those steam trains… I would love to add some of them to my collection. I got the diesel at North Conway but their steam engines seldom go out that much any more… Are you up on Hulu Plus? They added a channel for old trains it only has 4-5 videos set back in the late 40s to mid 50s and they are interesting in how they show life revolving around train travel…

      • Jeff, I would love to.There are several New England railroads that run steam in the fall

        Maine: Waterville, Wiscasset and Farmington Railroad Museum, Alna
        Boothbay Railway Village, Boothbay

        New Hampshire: Clark’s Trading Post, North Woodstock NH
        Mt. Washington Cog Railway, Mt. Washington

        Connecticut: Essex Steam Train, Essex CT

        Out all of them I just mentioned, I would say either Clar’ks or Essex would be the best bet, though Essex is certaintly easier to chase

  2. Thanks for this, Jeff, especially the mention of the Quabbin Reservoir. A few years ago a colleague at work told me about that reservoir but I’ve yet to get there. Considering the context in which you mention it, I’ll have to make more of an effort.

    • Thanks Nancy, The Quabbin area should always be on your radar for the mid October time period. Around it you’ll find Petersham and New Salem plus other picturesque small towns. I haven’t explored north of it as much as I would like but maybe if I don’t go back to work as a National Park Ranger this year, then I’ll have all the time, just none of the money.. (Damn trade offs)

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