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An autumn play in three act on the development of fall foliage in Vermont's Seyon Pond State park. The New England fall foliage is brighter below the top of the hills and closer to the edge of the pond.

The Opening Act of New England’s fall foliage

We still have many months till the opening act of the Greatest show in New England.
(213 days 2 hours and 44 minutes as I write this, not that I’m counting). 🙂
In my writing, I try to tell people, how fall foliage happens and with a picture like this it may be easier to show them. (if a picture is worth a thousand words the length of the article is 1,517 words) Here we are visiting, Seyon Lodge State Park in Vermont. A pair of Adirondack chairs sit waiting for you or I to walk over and sit down to enjoy the Opening Act.

An autumn play in three act on the development of fall foliage in Vermont's Seyon Pond State park. The New England fall foliage is brighter below the top of the hills and closer to the edge of the pond.

Opening act of the play by Mother Nature. Visit this image on Vistaphotographyl

Lets set the background for the opening act… The curtain rises and Seyon lake stretches out in front of you. Its the 26th of Sept and the hills are showing strong if not early color. But its not peak because the top third of the hills are fading. Lets check out the acts… A note from the management: If you are bringing popcorn into the theater, Mother Nature wants you to clean up when you leave!

Act 1: The curtain rises and the first act would have us watch summer leaving the stage (exit stage left) and the cooler days of September arrive. (enter stage right)

Act 2: The opening of the 2nd Act shows us that the fall colors are all over the upper 1/3 of the hills in front of us. You see, the fall colors move from north to south (in a normal year) and from higher elevation to lower. So as we proceed into the middle of this “Second Act” we see the strong bright fall color starting to fade at the higher elevation but its turning brighter on the lower elevations at the feet of the hills. As we close Act II, we would see the curtain drop as the lights fade from the upper hills.

Fading fall colors on the other side of lake Seyon in VermontAct 3: Act III opens to the winter of our discontent which I’m borrowing from William Shakespeare’s Richard the III. Here our discontent is sadness because the colorful New England fall colors that were so bright a few days ago are now relegated to a few late trees finally turning color.

The upper hills and almost all the way to the lake’s edge you see nothing but the pale branches showing few if any leaves and the dark green of the pine trees that always maintain their colors.

The Closing Act, or is it?

The Jenne Farm on 29 Sept and showing early strong fall foliage colors

Only three days later and a bit further South. Visit this image on Vistaphotographyl

But! our discontent can be short lived because as we leave this play to finish out the credits, the opening curtain on another Act I is just a short drive down the road to southern Vermont where the show has just begun. And so we continue to move south  catching the fall colors in different acts. You move a few miles one way and the curtain on Act I is just rising and 10 miles to the east we have the closing finale and all the leaves down or maybe the full peak color of Act 2.

Escape today

You never know what you will find until you get there and you sit and watch the play that Mother Nature has set for you and enjoy the fall colors of New England trying not to “fall” into discontent but to enjoy the gift your were given. No two autumns are the same and as the world is a stage, the play is just beginning somewhere.

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The Opening Act of New England fall foliage — 3 Comments

  1. I think you’re awesome! Great information and photos! Wondering if it’s too early to bank on any particular days in fall to see some beautiful colors? Going to take a tour this fall and if we register within the next 5 days, we get a $300 discount per person, but the days available for the discount end mid-September and starts back up in mid-October, which would generally not be the most colorful times to visit. Was wondering if this extra snowy winter would also have an effect on the foliage. Thanks for reading! Just noticed you may have posted some info for this year’s foliage or it may be other years (which I’ve read previously)–I’ll check it out.

    • Hi Doris, well lets see if we have this right a tour group has blocked out the good dates for VT and NH and much of Maine. 15 Sept is a bit early but 25 Sept on would be the best. The 15 Oct on time period is best for Massachusetts and CT/RI… Tell me the dates and locations that they are going to travel and I can make a better guess.

    • Hi Doris I haven’t heard back on my reply to your comment. Check your spam mail to see if it ended up in there. Also it appears I pulled your email for a gift and I need to know if you get this.

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