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Scenic New Hampshire drive to Beede Falls — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff, Sounds like you ad a great trip. The waterfall at Beede is visible obviously no foliage in the way, no pun intended~ LOL
    Ive been too ill to travel so am living vicariously through your journeys for now. Thank you for sharing!!
    Cher Angelo Boston MA
    -PS Can you recommend any sources you consider safe where folks who need traveling partners can discuss this?
    DUH sorry I just say your foot notet re space for group tours etc.

    • That is a very tough one. Safety is paramount and if you are finding a traveling partner via forums, then I suggest you don’t. I think you have two options. First you can jump on an organized and certified tour. These are safer and they are monitored. This way you can make some friends on the tour. The second option is to arrange a trip with a friend that you know.

      Those are the only truly safe ways of doing what you are thinking.

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