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  • Another notification sent out and a winner? time will tell
  • Colonial meeting houses in New England

Jeff Foliage contest!

I just sent an email to Linda Burton (going by the email address) and we’ll see if she replies before Tuesday the 19th of May when I choose a new name.

 Choosing scenic locations for an autumn trip

I just got a letter from an old friend up in New Hampshire and they just moved. They now live on Meetinghouse road and I thought to myself that this is the third road by that name that I know of and how it might lead to a photography opportunity.

Many people ask me for scenic fall foliage recommendations and I figure you might like a bit of my process of looking for new places. Finding secret routes isn’t about falling down the rabbit hole but being open to the Art of getting lost (only a little lost).

Colonial Meeting houses in New England

white meetinghouse in Sugar hill New Hampshire

On Route 117 you will find the Sugar Hill Meetinghouse.

white colonial meetinghouse

Old meeting house of Francestown.

As soon as we started creating towns in colonial America we started building colonial meeting houses which doubled as church and town meeting locations. Many are still standing today and towns sometimes named the road they sit on, Meetinghouse road. So I opened Google maps and started searching for roads named Meetinghouse road and not having been there, I used google street view to virtually walk the road.

Below you will see a small selection of roads with links to their google maps and when autumn rolls around I will check a few of them out but one, sounds really interesting. I thought the three in Maine were the most interesting. The first is Meetinghouse Lane, in West Bath, Maine. But it appears to be a very short lane and has a cemetery on the corner. I have marked this one as a maybe.

The second one is in Freeport Maine (can we say shopping at LL Bean?) on Meetinghouse Road, Freeport, Maine. I have marked this one also as a maybe.

Now, this one on Old Meetinghouse Road, in Porter, Maine looks like a winner. Porter, Maine is in southwest Maine with Sebago lake to the east and Ossipee New Hampshire to the west. The area north of porter is very hilly with lots of small roads. (hit the link and look at the google map, very interesting geography)

Meetinghouse road crosses through the middle of Black Pond. The road looks to be old pavement and maybe two lanes but very rundown. The image I captured from google shows a little color in Sept 2013 but the best color will be in October.

Dates to try these locations

I would try Porter Maine around 13-16 October, Freeport Maine is from 15-18 October or later and the same for Brunswick Maine.

Meeting House Road, Chicopee, MA
Meetinghouse Road, Methuen, MA
Meetinghouse Rd, North Andover, MA

New Hampshire
Meetinghouse Road, Bedford, NH
Meetinghouse Road, Merrimack, NH
Meetinghouse Road, Windham, NH

Meetinghouse Rd, Putney, Vermont
Meetinghouse Rd, Chester, Vermont
Meetinghouse Rd, Norwich, Vermont

Meetinghouse Road, Granby, CT
Old Meetinghouse Road, Lebanon, CT

Escape today

Next week I have links for the oldest churches in New England!

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