I received this question/comment and thought I would post it here. Bruce is coming over from England (the one we’re named for) 🙂

His question basically says he has about 2/3 weeks and wants to see the Green mountains of Vermont, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and then the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Below is my response with suggested dates. Of course the drought we’re in could affect these dates but they are what I would do.

Exploring the Green and White Mts, then the Berkshires

Vermont hillside aflame with a tapestry of fall colors in New England

Vermont hillside aflame with a tapestry of fall colors in New England

Hi Bruce, I generally find really good color up in the Greens and the whites (or north of the Whites) from the 27th of Sept through the 5-10th of Oct. IF we get more of this dry spell through the summer I would err on the early side because it could mean a weak leaf attachment to the trees and it won’t take much for them to come down. We would call it a flash in the pan, where one day the colors are bright and overnight a good breeze comes through and half are on the ground by morning… (not fun)… So coming a little early means getting them where they are coming into their color and not fully (peaked).

So to start you say Boston… If you have to stay and do Boston first (I would leave this to last, as in Sept there will be few leaves turning in Boston), so arrive 24-25 Sept and then afterwards head up to the Green mountains (27/28th). I know a comfortable place in the southern greens but you will want to be nearer to Stowe or a bit north of there. You could check Emergo farm B&B in Danville VT. (http://www.emergofarm.com/) This is way up out of the Green mountains and into the Northeast Kingdom (NEK) so it may be further than you want to be. (its 2:55 minutes drive time north of Boston, on I-93, driving map)

I don’t know now, too many Inns or B&B in the Greens but I’m sure tripadvisor will help out there. The color will be developing in the greens and all points north. I have an article that lists many of the places I have stayed in and one was the The Stowe Inn in (of course) Stowe.

Stoney Brook Covered Bridge with fall colors reflected in the water of the stream passing below

Stoney Brook Covered Bridge and one of the Northfield five

So that takes us from the 24th to the 28th in Boston. The 28th to the 1st of October in the Greens and points north… I’m stressing the points north as there are places like Northfield and Norwich University. They have 5 wonderful covered bridges. I talk a little about them in this article on the Northfield five. The middle picture was taken on 2 Oct in the late afternoon. If you show up much before 29 September you may be disappointed in the color since I shot the Northfield 5 on the 23rd of Sept once and the color was very spotty.

The Flume covered bridge in New Hampshire's Franconia state park.

New Hampshire foliage locations

There… Now we’re into the Whites and its the 2nd to the 5th of Oct. Color should be all through the mountains to the Kancamagus highway (do it during the week to minimize traffic but its well worth it). Elevation is 6,000′ plus.
I would look at Jackson on 16B or Bartlett or anyplace you can find in that area. Inns and B&Bs won’t be cheap but will be nice. You could stray over to the other side of Route 93 to Sugar Hill. (it gets its name from all the sugar maples) And take a walk to the flume Gorge in Franconia Notch. You have to hike the well-groomed trails to get to it and Pine sentinel bridge but both are worth it.

Lisa standing at a entering Florida sign. The sign is in the Berkshires of Massachusetts

Shot from 2010 of Lisa wishing she was in Florida

Now we are heading down to the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Now its the 5th to the 8th of October. You should be pretty good and in the higher elevations you should find good color or in the valleys between them. You’ll have your passport so stop in Peru or Florida. This florida doesn’t have much in palm trees but rivers cutting through gorges with colorful fall foliage climbing the hills from the road to the tops of the hills.

Got a rainy day and you want to be indoors? Head to stockbridge and the real Norman Rockwell museum. or up into North Adams and many museums and things to see there. Mount Greylock is up that way also and the highest mountain in MA.

I hope this gives you a good idea of things to see and I think those dates will work for the most part…
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